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Success with BBC North

28 Apr

The day was just gonna be an ordinary day. I was gonna go shopping sit out in the sun while it was nice and chill out, but before all that I’d just washed my hair, and started checking my e-mails. When I saw I had a reply from BBC Careers, at first various swear words sprung to mind. Reason for that was the first time I went for a job with North, I was unsuccessful, so I decided to use the year to gain more experience for standing a better chance, and I now know its paid off! So I am through to the next stage of recruitment, and just have to wait for the relevant vacancies to come up. God I am so excited, things are actually happening! So the film work I did in Birmingham, my radio volunteering, my journalism with a local paper and everything else I have done has I guess had some effect. At least I know have a foot in the door and thats a starts, if any. Stayed tuned for more in 2011 (when recruiting begins throughout the yr)

Re-educating Kathryn

23 Apr

Tuesday I spent most of the day either on the floor, or covered in bandages. No I had not been in an accident, I was having a refresher First Aid course, since its been a year since I did one. I’d originally wanted to get trained at work, but because I’m not full-time staff (boo-hoo), I’ve had to do this of my own back. I was really surprise at the fact that there were only four of us, meant the session was quick and to the point. Most of the training, I ended up being chosen for everything from recovery position to having my head bandaged up, so it wasn’t a dull lesson.

Most people will wonder why am I writing about this if I am logging about Media experience, well the tell to this is that Production Runner are recommended to have a qualification in First Aid, especially when outdoors or in dangers surroundings in studios. So with this as an added skill also helps you stand out. So I’ve added this to my CV, and something I will tell the BBC about when they eventually get back to me. I know I was told 6-8 weeks so it can’t be long now. Lets wait and hear.

Runner @ Tiger A

14 Apr

Still waiting on BBC to get back to me, so while I wait I’m applying for more potential roles. One of which is a drama runner’s post with Tigeraspect. Although this and most companies are London based (something thats really annoying), ‘you gotta be in it to win it’. I have to honesty but I have a feeling that I’m gonna be unsuccessful with this vacancy, but at least I have tried.

Waiting games are annoying

12 Apr

As the above suggests in this day and age waiting for a response to a job application is both worrying and frustrating. This is how I feel at the moment with an application I submitted to the BBC. Day after day, I dreaded checking my e-mails and reading another rejection. After wrestling with whether or not to ring HR to get an answer, I eventually called them and was told that for the type of job I’d applied for ‘involves a lenghtly process’, and I will hear something in the next 6-8 weeks! Yes, this sounds like a long time to wait, but I am happier now that I know whats going on. Fingers crossed the e-mail I get from them won’t be a rejection.

My goal

9 Apr

I’m 23, a graduate and in the same boat as 1/2 of the British population in wanting to get that dream job. My career aspirations is to work in Media (clue being in the web address), as a Runner and then work my way up the ladder. So if you are interested in how I get there, then follow my journey of what all the activities, jobs I find and apply for and all other crazy stressful things that happen to hopefully get me where I want to be. Stay connected.

Hello world!

7 Apr

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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