Success with BBC North

28 Apr

The day was just gonna be an ordinary day. I was gonna go shopping sit out in the sun while it was nice and chill out, but before all that I’d just washed my hair, and started checking my e-mails. When I saw I had a reply from BBC Careers, at first various swear words sprung to mind. Reason for that was the first time I went for a job with North, I was unsuccessful, so I decided to use the year to gain more experience for standing a better chance, and I now know its paid off! So I am through to the next stage of recruitment, and just have to wait for the relevant vacancies to come up. God I am so excited, things are actually happening! So the film work I did in Birmingham, my radio volunteering, my journalism with a local paper and everything else I have done has I guess had some effect. At least I know have a foot in the door and thats a starts, if any. Stayed tuned for more in 2011 (when recruiting begins throughout the yr)

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