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I’ve got e-mail

16 May

Hi again everyone

As I mentioned in my previous post I would be looking into getting more media experience whilst I wait to hear on BBC North. So for the past two weeks I’ve been stuck to my laptop contacting people in both TV and Film seeking out any upcoming opportunities. Although the e-mails I’ve sent didn’t get a response, and others did they all contained really useful info and tips. One idea I had was contacting my uni to see if there media department had any film projects planned for now, and over the summer, and what luck I had there!

Although it was more of  an info e-mail on what projects are planned for now and the Summer, at least it is a collection of things I can work-shadow and get involved in too. So when I hear back from the media department, then its all systems go, I hope. If this is the case then it’ll be…

13 May


9 May

Hey guys

I’ve been so busy this week that I totally forgot to update my blog. And the latsest update I have to share people is I am officially gonna be certified as a radio presenter, at Radio Fox. Although I have been radio volunteering since September 2010, it feels like a millenia has passed with all the waiting, but al last it has come round. I just have to wait till the 24th May and spent the next 6-8 weeks basically showing another presenter, or the head of RadioFox that I can do what I do. So one more another string to the bow added. Keep ya’ll up to date.

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