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Radio Presenter Training over!

16 Jun

As the title says, I am and have been declared an official radio presenter for Radio Fox. This has only taken four weeks, which has surprised me I thought it would take me longer to qualify. So I can now present a radio show by myself, or cover for another presenter. It will feel strange to be known as a presenter, when I have been a volunteer for so long, it will soon sink in at some point.

BBC Leics

10 Jun

Normally I work weds afternoon, but thank god I had this particular one off, as I got a phone call from someone at BBC Radio Leics, Dan. Someone I’d been corresponding with last month, about media opportunities in local areas. Dan mentioned that there is a digital mentoring project in the pipeline, which entails teaching 3 people at a time in the Midlands region how to get to grips with using Skype, assessing e-mails, uploading a video and other things about the internet they are unsure about. What I thought was great was that thought I was an ideal person for implementing this project, and that because I would be teaching software that is widely used, it would greatly benefit me in the media. So I decided to headed into BBC Leics and learn more about the project, lets see where it takes me, (apart from to Leics).

DJ got us spinnin’ round

8 Jun

Its week 3 of my radio presenter training, and so far I’m having a blast. Although I know this stuff, I do on occassions mess up, and one thing I did wrong last night was have the vinyl setting set for big vinyls, not small ones. So when the small vinyl was playing it was a cross bewtween someone trying to sing, and yawning at the same time. Surprisingly, Steven (Studio manager) praised for my performance and decided to spring another surprise on me; nxt week I will be going live on- air, for an hour. Although I can do this, it will be a case of me doing what I want and have no mentor, or anyone before me. So I have a week now to figure out what music to play, and things to talk about. Does anyone have any requests or suggestions?

Rock DJ Training

5 Jun

I know a century or two have passed since I last wrote on my blog, but I now have some news to share. I am now be trained up as a volunteer presenter, at Radio Fox. When I first saw the notice I thought I was the only volunteer that needed training, as I had not met any others. What a shock I got on the first Tuesday that there were 5 of us; Adam, Alan, Emma, Me and the fifth name escapes me, but when it comes back I’ll add it. Although I have been training since Aug/ Sept last year, and know the gist of uploading a song, sourcing the music and cueing up a vinyl. It will be great when 6-8 weeks has gone by, and that my badge will change form volunteer to presenter, so looking forward to the day that that happens. One that day comes, I’ll let you all know.

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