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Trains, Trams and MediaCity

29 Jul

My feet are throbbing from yesterday, but it was so worth it, considering the day I have had being in Manchester. After getting to Manchester Piccadilly, and jumping in a taxi my destination was MediaCity. Turning a corner and seeing the BBC sign, was the highlight of the day, and seeing the cool new buildings. After meeting Jane I was given a tour of one of the buildings and looking out of the window I got a great view of what was and will be on the Salford site. I think the pics speak for themselves, on the size and view.

My visit to MediaCity even involved a tour of the Lowry shopping centre, where I had lunch with Jane and her assistant, so I know where the nearest cinema and designer clothes shops are too. Back on site I got a tour of other buildings and in the entertainment block I encountered the boss of BBC North, Peter Salmon! All I thought at the time was OMG! As people say ‘save the best for last’ mine was meeting one of the people in the recruitment team, who will be contacting me in the next couple of weeks to go back to Manchester to have a meeting with her.

My visit went by so quickly, that I was sad when I had to leave, and I thought I’d leave in style, by going on the tram. I had never been on a tram before, and it reminded me of a rickety rollercaster. Because I had an hour to kill before leaving Manchester I just toured the train station, found a sushi bar (YO SUSHI) and chowed down to some on the train out. I only hope my call back to Manchester will be soon, and something positive comes out of it.

Three-day diary of a Production Runner

23 Jul

The reason this is a very late post is because I have needed an extra to recover from my three days (Tues 19th-Thurs 21st July) of being a production runner. From the first video up you can hear what I got up to in Chellaston, the things I did and how the day went. One thing I need to mention is one of the camera-men helping out had worked on ‘The Only Way is Essex’ series, so that was a surprising thing to learn. I have to take my hat off to Kal’s mum for cooking lunch for us all, she made an awesome curry. Next time I fancy a curry I will be giving her a call. Oh, almost forgot to make a mention about Laryssa, looking after Ian Reddington’s watch, people you can get a career look after the stuff of the stars, if all doesn’t go the way you want it to.

Day Two I was totally wacked from running to various places, rangeing from Wilkinsons for Gaffer tape for blacking out Jet’s windows, to Tesco for drinks and peoples lunches. I think I sweated so much that I dropped 10lbs, so if you want to lose weight be a runner, I may even recommend this as a fitness regime. I’m claiming the rights to this idea, if it becomes a workout. One thng that surprised me was Kal telling me that I did a great job as a runner, with taking control and ordering people around, so I can put on my CV one of my skills is being a control freak.

Day Three, it felt like I’d only been a production runner for a day, but despite that the day was very hands on from the moment I got up. I made a trip to Tesco for buffet food for lunch, and for the rest of the day. Everyone, in particular Guy (cameraman), Julie (make-up artist) and Hamish (director/ project co-ordinator) appreciated the sausage rolls, some that they had for breakfast. The whole cast and crew were certainly grateful for the spread I put on later. The afternoon Amy, me, Sannah and james were outside on poles against the Jet building. Although we made the joke that we were ‘Pole-dancing Pirates’ and using the art on the walls to tell crazy stories, when we were trying to stop light from getting into the studio.

Go Pirates!

When we got inside we went crazy tidying up and although we were late getting out, it was a great three days I only hope I can get involved in more projects like this. One thing I and the other helpers did for the camera crew, before they left to go back to Manchester, was bag the remaining food up for the guys to eat on there way home, hope they enjoyed it!

Once upon a time..

11 Jul

In the land of Leicester, I met Kal Lashman, a film director from Derby and a guy named Hamish scadding , a storyboard man. What happened you can hear about in my video.

Last Tuesday I made a trip to Derby to meet Kal, who told me more about himself, the film and crew and asked me what roles I wanted to get involved in. To which I said production running and assistant, and was told I can undertake both these roles, and if I’m interested production management which I’m gonna say yes to, without a moments hesitation. I really think this will be a great opportunity to get more experience and learn more about the film industry.

Can’t wait to get started!

One woman show

4 Jul

What I mean by that is because Liz, my radio mentor, had this Sunday off I was in charge of the two hour show we do together, Sunday Sounds. It was exhausting going round two wards and getting back in time for the show. Because we were on auto-pilot I managed to put everything on manual use, all except the presenters mic, so for the first few seconds there was silence. Thankfully I clocked on why and just got on with the requests and other music I’d decided to play. It is hard to talk about anything on the radio when your alone in the studio. So I came away unscaved, and was greeted by comments from messages I got from other presenters saying well done. Lets see what happens next Sunday when Liz comes back.

BBC You’re Hired! (well almost)

2 Jul

Thursday 30th June was a great day, being at BBC Birmingham attending a workshop called ‘You’re hired, How to get into the TV and Film industry. When I first got to the BBC, I nearly forgot that the reception area was upstairs, then it dawned on me. While I was waiting I met a lot of people who were here same reason I was, and I have to say it was great meeting others who show passion and enthusiasm, like me, in wanting to get into the TV and Film businesses.
Because there was so much covered, here is a short video summarising everything that happened that day.

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