BBC You’re Hired! (well almost)

2 Jul

Thursday 30th June was a great day, being at BBC Birmingham attending a workshop called ‘You’re hired, How to get into the TV and Film industry. When I first got to the BBC, I nearly forgot that the reception area was upstairs, then it dawned on me. While I was waiting I met a lot of people who were here same reason I was, and I have to say it was great meeting others who show passion and enthusiasm, like me, in wanting to get into the TV and Film businesses.
Because there was so much covered, here is a short video summarising everything that happened that day.


One Response to “BBC You’re Hired! (well almost)”

  1. christian July 6, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    o shit, yo nice job on de vid yeh. ur well cool goin to the bee bee C. I wish I cud go, I wanna mek a movie sum days. I hav dis idea in me hed about dis movie wear dis gurl is stuck in sum woods and she cant get out no matta what and dess peeps are huntin her down,. anyway i dont wana tel u 2 much odawise ull steal it lololol. good vid thou loved de way you came in da door at de start.


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