My two days in editng

4 Oct

Because I seriously need some editing experience behind me I decided to get in contact with my local news station, to find out if I could work shadowing in their editing department. Luckily one of the editors said he could offer me two days unpaid work shadowing, which I took without hesitation.

One day I’ve already done, which was on the 23rd, and I had a blast. I spend the day with a guy called Mekael, who showed me round the ‘Inside Out’ department, and I spent the first part of the day in their editing suite looking and playing around with Final Cut Pro. Once that was done, the rest of the day was using software called Quantel, for News coverage and I learned how to sync sound and music wit hclips and something that lasts a minute and so many seconds takes nearly 5 hours to do (normally it doesn’t put with what I was observing, did). First day gone and I learned a lot within the space of 8 hours.

Second day was arranged for the 3rd Oct, and this time I was work shadowing someone called Peter, who showed me the news feed for tonight, and I got the chance to meet one of the producers who I’d meet before, Kevin, who was happy to see me again. After palying with numerous news stories and getting more hands on experience I spent part of the early evening making notes and obseriving all the shorts Peter was using. I have one thing to say, when you enjoy something the time goes by so fast, and for this day it did. Before leaving I decided to see if I could come back to BBC to continue to work shadow, and although Kevin said they were in the process of organising for some graduates to work shadow, hopefully in the next few weeks I maybe able to head back in. The best bit of parting news was that Kevin said he would see if it could be arranged and asked me to keep him posted on whats going on.

So I have now established a few useful contacts at my local BBC, which I will certainly hang on to and for the forseeable future.

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