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My day at Pinewood Studios

29 Nov

I’ve been up since 4.30am, and I’m still buzzing. You may ask why did I get up at stuid o’clock and the answer this of course in the title of the post. I have spent the entire down in Buckinghamshire, attending at workshop and tour of the infamous Pinewood Studios. When I first set off I got caught in the rain, and thought it was going to be one of those days, however, it didn’t rain all day. Managed to find Pinewood Studios, though I was worried as to get there its a case of going past lots of houses before turning a corner and it being in front of you, so spontaneously. Although I was given directions for parking, I’m going to be honest and say it was a nightmare parking on site, after spending twenty minutes trying to find somewhere to go it was a case of parking off site, with the Pinewood logo pass displayed in the car.

Surprisingly, I was able to find the Boardroom, which was where the First Light workshop was being held, and the whole building itself was and is very grand. After having an ice-breaker exercise and being introduced to everyone else, the event began. Yen, who was the project overseers for the day from First Light gave us a really useful and interesting breakdown of the day and a lot of information that is the equivalent to a tree stump, so I have a lot of material to read and make notes from.

Later we had numerous guest speakers, one of which was Kimberley Richards, a HR officer at Pinewood Studios, who gave us a lot of tips and advice over questions asked in an interview as well as how to sell yourself during an interview. Once Kim’s talk had finished we were given the honour of having a tour of the site, and there were a lot of things I did not know that Pinewood Studios did or what facilities it offered people. We went passed lots of studios that were putting sets together, shooting scenes and seeing people heading off to hair and make-up. Following the tour we were introduced to Liana Stewart from Step2TV, and the one main thing I remember Liana stressing was using networking events and encounters to your advantage, which I am certainly doing with my blog and other means at my disposal.

Folowing Liana we had Simon Honey, Group Head of TV Ops speak to us about how he got into the TV and Film industry, and Dominique Oliver, Managing Director at Resources Development. One thing that surprised me about Dominique was her telling us that she started working in TV when she was 13. I only wish my school would have been understanding with things I wanted to do when I was younger, oh well, things may change for others.

To wrap the day up some of us were selected by Kim, to have our CV’s and Cover Letter’s looked over, where we all got feedback and I was taken aback by Kim saying that my Cover Letter was impressive, and that I only have to make some minor changes to my CV’s layout on the first page. So I have answers to questions I had come armed with, and I also have a long list of tasks and goals to complete as soon as I can.

One crucial factor that I heard a lot about and that I am hell-bent on doing is lots and lots of volunteering and work experience in both filming, and editing as I am very weak in that skilled department, but I have a clear and concise method now. One thing that struck me was how quickly the day went, and it was a very long and exhausting journey back up to the East Midlands. I must say it was really nice of Pinewood Studios to give us a goodie bag to take away, that has got a hat and keyring in it. I am so keeping these for life, and as you can see the pics to prove this. I will have more to share soon, so for know I’m going to sleep, because I am so tired, talk to everyone soon.

The Day that the Derby Braves Went to War

28 Nov

Once again the Derby Braves geared up for another seasonal match, this time against the De Montfort Leicester Falcons, and what a match it was. Once pre-match warm-ups were over and I have to say that the Derby really brought it both in training, and throughout the match,

When kick off started Derby was all over Leicester, which lead to them scoring the first touch down of the game. Although Leicester thereafter scored 6 points, it didn’t get to the Braves, as throughout the rest of the game it was constant tackling, touchdowns, penalty kicks and other manoeuvers that led to the Braves being so far ahead in points. Although I wasn’t crushed to death this time round I did get involved in a collision, only my arm received a bashing, but I survived. I know thats to be expected when you stand over the white line and are practically on the pitch, but it is so worth it, when getting film footage of the Derby Braves in action, and it always is worth it.

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One of the things I and some of the others noticed was that the Falcons kept going down, I counted 13 in total, but this didn’t stop them from trying to stop the Derby Braves from scoring. Thank goodness there was no strong breeze otherwise the Braves would have won by a landslide.

Because the Braves were so far ahead and with there only being two minutes on the clock, and I think because the Falcons had had enough, called it a day. So the final score was 62-6 to DERBY BRAVES! GO BRAVES. Once hands had been shaken and team members had been congratulated for a terrific game, photos taken and the teams chant of ‘ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL’ was roared everyone headed off towards Walkabout. Although the Falcons were invited to come down for food and drink it was disappointing that they declined, but all the same some the Braves met for burgers, drinks and more American football aired by NFL (though on one screen Jackass was on and it made some of us laugh, me more than anyone).

Next match is on for 4th Dec, I’ll be there, and so will the Braves with their objective; ‘ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL’, as the Braves came, they played, they conquered.

Bring out the war paint

7 Nov

I don’t mean make-up, I am of course referring to the paint one puts on when gearing up for a challenge. This challenge was the Derby Braves squaring off against the Staffordshire Stallions, in the very first seasoned match. Before heading to the pitch I met Adelie, who was looking for security who neededto turn on the flood lights and when I got there I thought OMG at the number of Stallions on the pitch and then the Derby Braves came onto the pitch, for training before the match.

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Eventually the flood lights came on, the match started and boy it certainly started. From the word off Derby did not disappoint, both offensive and defensive teams were fantastic on the pitch and this was shown in the touchdowns, field goals and trys. The match started and boy it was very full on, and at one point during the game I was on the verge of being flattened like a pancake, until one of the coaches hanked me backwards, while I was filming. I have yet to check my flip for which shot that I was getting when that happened, though most of the shots were all close ups, as there was a camera up in one of the towers getting everything from wide angles. To show that I was flattened here is a picture of me, taken by Adelie, with me wrapped up as it turned cold. I know I look plain, but at least everyone can see what I look like.

Although bonfire night was yesterday, there were still fireworks going off, and it actualy got to the point where smoke from the fireworks started to travel across the pitch that at one point we all thought it was really heavy fog. It actually made me feel like that we were in a horror film, with special effects added to the setting.

The match ended with a score 49-6… to DERBY! So all I have to say that WELL DONE BRAVES. My first American Football match both filmed and watched in person rather than on the big screen was awesome, I got such an adrenaline rush during the whole, including when I got pulled backwards. I only hope that I have done the team and coaches justice by capturing the footage they need at the right angles. After the end game of shaking hands, congratulating those who really gave it their all and the team chant.

When I got the feeling back in my feet I headed to Barracuda, one of the bars in Derby and one I used t ogo into a lot, for the after game celebration of chilli, rice, tortilla, chips drinks and more American football on the big screens. Much of this event I capture of my flip as additional footage for the promo video I will be making soon, I just need apporval for my plan and then I can start. I am happy to say that I am soon gonna become a Derby Brave, as one of the coaches (John Stevenson) said he will get me a hoodie either Orange, Blue or White, so I’ve opted for a blue to be a Derby Blue. Mingled with a few of the players who wanted to see the footage I’d captured, and they will soon once its on an open web browser, my only worry is that it is the right stuff, and not wrong.

Overall, it was a brilliant night, Derby won, I saw my first American football match, learnt the guys like cookies and confectionary foods so I’ll have to put an apron on and bake them something near to Christmas and that the guys were happy I caught them on cameraman. All that remains is to wait till Thursday to get another training session before the next match against Nottingham Trent.

Fantastic Miss Radio Fox

1 Nov

I know I’m playing with the film title of Mr. Fox, but on this occassion it has to be said, as Liz and I have a newbie who started at Radio Fox on Sunday, and I have to admit that was a surprise for both us as we didn’t know about this. It felt good going back after about a week of being away and seeing all the new music we’ve got, I only hope we get LMFAO’s new track ‘I’m Sexy & I Know It’. If you haven’t heard it yet, go onto Youtube and listen. So instead of there jsut being me and Liz on the mic Hannah our newbie joined in, I also showed her how the system works for finding music and the enormous selection of vinyls and cds.

Because it was the Sunday before Halloween we decided to add in a few Halloween songs, both oldies and ones with a somewhat relation to. Whilst at Radio Fox I surprised Liz with a birthday cake and a toffee apple crumble as we both share the same birthday 1st November. So while on air cake was eaten and topics were discussed., and the two hours went by so fast. Though next week I won’t be radioing as I am filming an American football game in Staffordshire, which I really bumped up about, I just hope I don’t mess up and I get it right. Either way I’ll let you know

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