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The Deli’s Mix Rockin’ it up at Shed

12 Dec

What a night my Friday just gone, normally I’d be spending it either working or just chilling out at home, but that night was spent in Leicester at Shed for Glastonbudget audition event, that the Deli’s Mix were be performing at. As these guys have asked me to help make a music video, I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to find those interested in helping out with this and thanks to one of the media lecturers I know at Derby, she posted the opportunity and two people responded; Patricia and Ashleigh. Once we made it to Leicester we met the guys in the Deli’s mix band who gave us a breakdown of what was going to happen, and at the same time I had my picture taken whilst wearing a really cool hat.

These plans changed however, as an unexpected spanner was thrown in the works, in that they were ment to be on stage first, only for us to find out that night that they would’nt be performing until 10.45pm. This unfortunately was an issue for the three of us that were going to be filming, due to travelling out of Leicester back home. So we changed the original plan where instead we conducted interviews with each person in the band, before asking them questions as a group. Coupled with this we managed to get footage of them chilling out and getting ready beforehand. One thing I learned from Rich when I was interviewing him that apart from the group having a series of gigs next year, which I, Patricia and Ashleigh hope to be filming, the music video they want to create is going to be sent to the states, do the initials MGM ring any bells?

Once Rich’s interview had finished I decided to interview the group, and we certainly got a lot out of a 10 minute interview (which is here for you to see and to judge yourself) be warned there is the odd swear word! Add in you may here me, Ashleigh and Patricia laughing, but it was worth it, with what said then.

Once back inside we saw some of the other performances, before we unfortunately had to go. Though I am so on board for filming the additional gigs and rehearsals before and in the new year, it will certainly give me a chance to play around experiement with final cut pro. So watch the interview and feel free to leave comments.

The Braves vs The Aces

11 Dec

It was the last match of the season for the Derby Braves today, and it was an away game against the Loughborough Aces. As Loughborough isn’t too far from where I live I drove straight there and I’m gonna be honest and say it took me forever to find where on the college campus where they were playing. Thankfully, I came across a group of guys who were filming the match for the Loughborough Ace’s, so I made it with 5 minutes to spare. My first impression when I got to the pitch was ‘this is a pitch?’ as it didn’t even look worthy to play on, and Loughborough is famous for its sports.

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This thought went out of my head, once the game started and it didn’t take Loughborough long to score, though as the 1st quarter really got started Derby came back fighting hard and in doing so scored. Altough Derby was making some headway, Loughborough seemed to be on Derby like glue throughout the entire match, and at one point the score was 21-14 to Loughborough. Before the match ended Loughborough managed to get a touchdown, even though the player 1 was off side as the whole of the Braves saw this the ref still let it go head. It was on that note of Loughborough getting 28 points that the match ended and Derby unfortunately lost. Once the hand shakes had taken place, and the cheers had started and ended you could see and feel the disappointment at the result of the match. Despite this Derby are an awesome team and no matter what they meet the challenge with aggression and determination to win. It is this that will get them through the next set of matches in Feb 2012.

Speaking of matches, the verdict for the Outlaws match was that Derby lost, and I think that thats wrong, as the Outlaws had a man down and they had to forfeit the match. It will be better if and when they get a re-match and when they do the Braves are gonna run the Outlaws out of town.
Also because this was the last match of the season I decided to do some baking for the Braves, as a early Christmas gift, and surprisingly, the guys thought they were nice. So when the match against Birmingham starts I have been asked to make Brownies, Carrot Cake and Cheesecake. So I will put my mind to it and see what culinary inspiration I get, and who knows I may surpise the Braves and myself. All I’ll say to end this post is that deep down everyone knows that Derby Braves are a winning team and no matter what is thrown at them they can take it and give it too. You’ll get them next year Derby.

Meeting Terry Bamber

7 Dec

Last week I e-mailed one of the media lecturers before I went down to Pinewood Studios, and she revealed something that at the time made me laugh. The funny that made me laugh was that a guest speaker would be coming to Derby uni, to give a lecture on the film industry, and this person had worked on various films, particularly the last 5 James Bond films, and his name is Terry Bamber.

I also decided to do a bit of a juggling act as well, because I’ve been asked to make a promo to go onto the Derby Braves website I had arranged with some of the Braves to meet to get some film footage, which consisted of interviews and just general stuff round the uni. I even got some footage of the Student Union president and the captain of the Braves, which was a bonus as everything he said along with the guys I interviewed was the type of footage I need for the promo. I have the plan the only tricky thing I have to figure out is getting the beginning and ending shots, but I’ll work it out.

After I got the footage I need for the moment it was a dash to the HEAP theatre to get ready for Terry Bamber to give his lecture, and while there were some technical issues with a DVD, which were later resolved, Terry began the session by telling us about how he got into the Film industry, and that Roger Moore’s favourite sandwich were Prawn. I’ll have to remember that if I ever meet him. When the DVD was set up Terry showed us a deleted/ extended scene from ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, and it was a scene that showed Terry in an acting role as a waiter in a restaurant that Bond crashes into, before going back into the Thames near to the Dome. A lot of tips and career’s advice and suggestions were given to us before the lecture finished, and I have to say that Terry Bamber is as nice a pie and I also learned that his wife has worked on the Harry Potter films, pretty cool I think. Once the lecture finished some of the media students waited round to ask questions, and have a talk with Terry, something I also did along with passing on my business card and asking to forward me CV to him, and it certainly made my day when Terry said yes, it was ok to do that.

Once I was out of the theatre before leaving it was a quick hi and bye to my lecturers, but to mainly wish them a Happy Christmas too, and from there on it was a dash back to the city, as I’d stupidly left my umbrella in one of shops. Thankfully, it was still there so once I got it it was a dash for the train to get home, and reflecting on the day itself, and I must say it was great to go back to Derby as a student, depsite the fact that it was only for a day it was so worth it.

All that is left to say is Mr Bamber you are a true gentleman of the Film industry.

The Braves vs The Outlaws

5 Dec

I thought that the weather for the match was gonna be sunny like it was this morning, though my hopes were dashed when I travelling into Derby. When I made it it wasn’t raining and I guess god didn’t answer my prayers for it not to. Prep talks, warm ups and greeting the referees were the usual routine of the day. In the line-up call of players, there was a minutes silence for a former coach, who had passed away, something that both shocked and surprised me. After the pre-match changing of ‘what time is it? Game time’ had ended the game started, where Derby scored the first touch down. This was the wake-up call the Outlaws needed and then they scored, which then lead to the score being at half time 9-7, to the Nottingham Outlaws. After half time warm-ups, more rain and cold weather and team pep talk, the 3rd quarter was bring played, that was until an expected mishap. What I mean by that is one of the Outlaws was knocked out for awhile, and after 20 minutes he was carrying off the pitch, on a tretcher and taken to Derby Royal.

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Because there was no ambulance/ first aiders on site, the match had to be put on hold, which was for an hour and 20 minutes, and it was during this time it rained and also snowed, so the Braves and the Outlaws headed inside and the rest of us stood around waiting to find out what was going to happen.

Eventually, the match referees decided to abandon the match, as the ambulance hadn’t come back. So no-one knows which team won, and it is a case of waiting to hear from the official as to the overall ruling of the match. Funny thing was two minutes later the ambulance came back, but it made no difference, as the match was still abandoned. To end the evening’s events the Braves shook hands with the Outlaws, and gave their match cheering before leaving to go to WalkAbout.

This post has to be left as a cliffhanger, and when I and the Braves know what the ruling of the match is I will update this post and let everyone know, and so we wait.

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