The Braves vs The Outlaws

5 Dec

I thought that the weather for the match was gonna be sunny like it was this morning, though my hopes were dashed when I travelling into Derby. When I made it it wasn’t raining and I guess god didn’t answer my prayers for it not to. Prep talks, warm ups and greeting the referees were the usual routine of the day. In the line-up call of players, there was a minutes silence for a former coach, who had passed away, something that both shocked and surprised me. After the pre-match changing of ‘what time is it? Game time’ had ended the game started, where Derby scored the first touch down. This was the wake-up call the Outlaws needed and then they scored, which then lead to the score being at half time 9-7, to the Nottingham Outlaws. After half time warm-ups, more rain and cold weather and team pep talk, the 3rd quarter was bring played, that was until an expected mishap. What I mean by that is one of the Outlaws was knocked out for awhile, and after 20 minutes he was carrying off the pitch, on a tretcher and taken to Derby Royal.

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Because there was no ambulance/ first aiders on site, the match had to be put on hold, which was for an hour and 20 minutes, and it was during this time it rained and also snowed, so the Braves and the Outlaws headed inside and the rest of us stood around waiting to find out what was going to happen.

Eventually, the match referees decided to abandon the match, as the ambulance hadn’t come back. So no-one knows which team won, and it is a case of waiting to hear from the official as to the overall ruling of the match. Funny thing was two minutes later the ambulance came back, but it made no difference, as the match was still abandoned. To end the evening’s events the Braves shook hands with the Outlaws, and gave their match cheering before leaving to go to WalkAbout.

This post has to be left as a cliffhanger, and when I and the Braves know what the ruling of the match is I will update this post and let everyone know, and so we wait.


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