The Braves vs The Aces

11 Dec

It was the last match of the season for the Derby Braves today, and it was an away game against the Loughborough Aces. As Loughborough isn’t too far from where I live I drove straight there and I’m gonna be honest and say it took me forever to find where on the college campus where they were playing. Thankfully, I came across a group of guys who were filming the match for the Loughborough Ace’s, so I made it with 5 minutes to spare. My first impression when I got to the pitch was ‘this is a pitch?’ as it didn’t even look worthy to play on, and Loughborough is famous for its sports.

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This thought went out of my head, once the game started and it didn’t take Loughborough long to score, though as the 1st quarter really got started Derby came back fighting hard and in doing so scored. Altough Derby was making some headway, Loughborough seemed to be on Derby like glue throughout the entire match, and at one point the score was 21-14 to Loughborough. Before the match ended Loughborough managed to get a touchdown, even though the player 1 was off side as the whole of the Braves saw this the ref still let it go head. It was on that note of Loughborough getting 28 points that the match ended and Derby unfortunately lost. Once the hand shakes had taken place, and the cheers had started and ended you could see and feel the disappointment at the result of the match. Despite this Derby are an awesome team and no matter what they meet the challenge with aggression and determination to win. It is this that will get them through the next set of matches in Feb 2012.

Speaking of matches, the verdict for the Outlaws match was that Derby lost, and I think that thats wrong, as the Outlaws had a man down and they had to forfeit the match. It will be better if and when they get a re-match and when they do the Braves are gonna run the Outlaws out of town.
Also because this was the last match of the season I decided to do some baking for the Braves, as a early Christmas gift, and surprisingly, the guys thought they were nice. So when the match against Birmingham starts I have been asked to make Brownies, Carrot Cake and Cheesecake. So I will put my mind to it and see what culinary inspiration I get, and who knows I may surpise the Braves and myself. All I’ll say to end this post is that deep down everyone knows that Derby Braves are a winning team and no matter what is thrown at them they can take it and give it too. You’ll get them next year Derby.

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