Let the cameras roll

11 Jan

Well just the one camera for me, my flip which does the job really well. All I can say is thank god it wasn’t raining yesterday, not like last week where it was enough to make a plant become a drunk with all the water they were getting. Headed into town to stat filming more footage for one of my indie films I am working on. Before I forget to mention I have been granted approval for two other projects I am planning, and hoping, to film in the next few weeks after this one is finished.

Made it to my first place to film, which was an interview of a lady, Joy, who works in a card shop. Although I got what I needed (for the moment) from the interview, what got under my skin was there was a person in the shop who could see I was filming, and they kept talking really loudly, not respecting the fact that I need silence to pick up what Joy was saying. I did ask the person to tone it down and they looked at me as if I’d sworn at them, I guess there are some people of a certain generation that have no clue, or respect when it comes to filming, but besides that happening I got what I needed. Managed to get additional shots and an interview of a lady in the card shop, so I did well for my first pllace to film.

After getting all the footage I needed from Joy, my next area to film at was the people on the market place, and I was so happy when they guys said they would be happy to be in my film. Before I interviewed both of them, I got a lot of great shots of them working, the various cards they sell, wrapping paper and of people passing by. The interviews were awesome, as they both said what I needed for my film, I know I have’nt said what it is about, yet, but I want to keep that a secret until it is completed, and it is up on the blog, well part of it. So I will be doing some more filming in the next couple of days and eventually I can put the whole thing together either on imovie, or final cut. All I ask when it is completed that you watch it and you leave your comments, and let me know what you think.    


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