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To Be or Not To Be…

22 Feb

Well thats a question I and about 7 other people were asking ourselves last night, when at a Tuesday connections night at the Little Theatre. Before all this yesterday I spent my evening filming and interviewing a lady called Sasha for the film I am currently working on. I can happily say that it is coming together nicely, all I need is a few more cut away shots and some more male interviews then it will be ready to edit. If anyone has any ideas for the type of background music let me hear your suggestions.

Right well back to Tuesday night. I decided that although I have some TV and Film experience behind me, I am thinking about getting some theatre experience behind me. Although Stage Management/ crew is my main area of interest, during the tour, organised and given Karl, Bianca and Vincent, informed us us all that we couldget involved in any and every area. So I am won over by work shadowing in all areas as you get to learn so much. The tour started inside and from the stage itself we went roundthe whole are, even outside to where the costume hire shop is. We were given the chance to observe the actors rehearsing the plays ‘Carrie’s War’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and one a Shakespeare’s well-known pieces ‘Cymbeline’.

One thing I also learned was that when you join the Little theatre offers acting/ elocution lessons for free. So its now a case of deciding which area(s) I want to work in and which days/ nights I want to get involved in. So when I have decided I will let you all know. The only question I forgot to ask them is are they suspicious with Shakespeare’s play Macbeth in that they have to a ‘The Scottish Play’. That is something I can ask them later.

My memorable moments of the night are Karl (Stage Management Manager) asking me about my experience, and Bianca saying she thought my shoes were pretty cool and wanted a pair herself.

Working progress

9 Feb

The title of this blog is a reference to my film idea that I am currently working on, that and getting the thumbs up for starting to plan and shoot a film about Radio Fox (More about this idea soon to come). So far my film idea is coming into existence, all I need now is a few more interviews and randon footage and I’m good to go. Thank god the Apple store are on hand, especially as I need help creating my own soundtrack and editing the right clips.

I’m just glad the weather, despite being icy and really cold, held off long enough for me to get to Nottingham for two reasons. The first was so I could get my hair cut at Sassoons as it is was getting out of control. So spent the morning talking to Alberto about my film, and he seemed really interested in the focus and style I am currently shooting it as. The second reasons was my meeting with Joe, one of the guys I interviewed for my film, and who I need additional film footage of outside of his place of work (and of Veda, his guidedog, who is lovely). Most of shooting I did was of Joe and Veda round the Broadmarsh and in the highstreet. Whilst I was out filming, I got differetn forms of inspiration for additional clips to put into the film, I only hope they work when it comes to the editing and burning onto a disc.

All I can say is that I have had a lucky day, considering it has been snowing outside since 6.30pm, and I thankfully it didn’t start earlier, otherwise I would be stuck in Nottingham for how long I have no idea. So tomorrow the bulk of my day will be adding the footage I have to my Mac and mixing different tracks for the film ideas I am and will be working on.

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