Work-shadowing in an Ideal World

4 Mar

This weekend has been a really busy one, first London, now my day, or rather my afternoon was dedicated to work shadowing a producer in Peterborough. The clue as to where in particular I did my work shadowing was at Ideal World. I met one of the producer, Antonia, who gave me a tour of the office before heading to a meeting where the output for the rest of the day was discussed. When the meeting was finished I got a chance to meet more of the team, before getting a tour of the galleries 1 and 2, seeing the products that were going to be advertised and sold during the set time slots and being shown other areas in the building. 

I have said before and I’ll say it again, time goes by so fast when you are enjoying yourself, or doing something interesting. Most of the late afternoon was looking over the running order of the broadcast, and asking questions before going into the upstairs studio to watch the output go out on-air. Before all that, I did get the chance to meet some of the presenters: Nigel May and Howard Griffiths, and I must say that Howard was very pleasant when he met me, asking me about my background in the field of TV and Film and was interested in the work experience I’d done with Eastenders. 

The day work-shadowing ended on a high, and before leaving I thanked Antonia for letting me follow her all day and all I now have to do is wait to find out what happens now after shadowing at Ideal World.

As people constantly say watch this space x 

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