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The Delis Mix Dish it out

28 Aug

No I’m not referring to a deli counter of a supermarket, I am of course talking about the coolest rock band in melton and that is the guys mentioned in the title of the post. These guys have been performing in the Surface Festival Midlands region music events since they were announced. So far they have made it through to the final, which is and was held at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, an event that I headed to this evening. I traveled in with a few of the Delis Mixs friends Sam and Tom, and when once I got my ticket I was given one of the coolest T-Shirt which you can see here.

                                                                               I know cool isn’t it

Met the band and after watching a few of the others perform before the Delis Mix took to the stage, to rock the O2, and here are some of there songs and shots of them. Although Jasper and the Company of others delivered some great tracks they still didn’t do as well (in my opinion) as the Delis.

Next band to perform was a group called Extras Fall In and the first song I heard more of the drums than the person actually singing.

And then came the best part of festival came; the Delis took the stage and the first song that they performed was one I and others had never heard before and it was awesome beyond anything I had heard that night.

And here are more of their songs;

And the grand finale of their totally awesome performance!

Although there were about 30-40 people roughly the majority of the vote comes from the judges from the different counties of the Midlands. However, there is a text Vote..its ‘Midlands 3044’ too ‘64343’..if u cant make it please text to help the Delis make it through to the final FINAL of the gig. This will give them the chance to make it to the O2 London Arena (as far as I can remember only 6 out of the 20 that performed this evening can go). All I and the rest of the Delis supporters can do is hope, text and pray that they make it. So boys and girls across the globe if you like what you see then help them go all the way and vote for them before they night ends. As for me the night was a blast and if they make it to London I hope you will see more pictures like this;

Movies make History

24 Aug

Hi one and all

I know it has been awhile since I posted, but just to kick off my freelance work last week went well, and I hope more work to come my way. However, today was a day off from working on the music for my film and now the Olympics has died down and the Para is about to start, I thought I should take advantage of the day and head to London, and where you may ask did I go. And the answer folks is The Barbican, which is where the James Bond Exhibition is being held till 5th Sept. Getting there wasn’t too bad and it was awesome. I walked through a really cool tunnel and the exhibition began with the film ‘GoldFinger and everything that represents gold; Shirley Bassey’s gold record for the film, the Man with the Golden Gun’, Golden Fingers jacket etc. There was even a mannequin of the actress that was painted gold. Next was the story behind Ian Fleming and how Bond was created, followed by Q’s gadgets. Next was a costume galore and all the outfits up to Quantum of Solace were there (however there was one dress from Skyfall that was amazing).

Next was story boards, models and paintings, mixed with more costumes and clips from the numerous films, last part was shown in the basement of the Barbican. Before leaving I decided to pay a visit to the gift shop and bought a pack of cards, of course if I wanted to I could have bought genuine props used in the film such as Vespers necklace at a snip of £4,000 or odd jobs hat at the price of £200. There were other things there like cocktail books, books on the films, ties, earrings nic nacks and much much more.

Along with this I did the bus tour before it started raining, but that can be saved for another day. If you have the chance to go to the Barbican before the 5th Sept go, you won’t be disappointed.

I am hoping to finish the music to my film at the beginning of the month, I have the instruments selected, its a case of arranging them so they sound awesome. Once its made it will be on the site and on YouTube. Come back tomorrow and there will be some pics from my day in London.

Let me know what you think of my photos.

Forget opportunity knocks, opportunity calls (well, in my case it does)

16 Aug

Hi everyone

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything, but I have been working on the music for one of my short films. The expression when your left hand itches left to leave, right to receive I thought only referred to money, not everything. I say this because my right knuckle was itching non-stop all, including when I was at work. When I went on my break I found a voicemail on my phone from one of my contacts at a production company in Birmingham, who told me that another production company he is working with are looking for crew for a shoot in the area I live and would I be free to help out. And of course I said yes, and was given the contact details for the lady organising the filming. Surprisingly, after the phone call my knuckle stopped itching, and the ironic thing behind this is I was thinking about when my next media opportunity would be. Even though it is for one day, I am looking forward to getting started with more production work, and it was nice of my contact to do that for me, I guess I made a good expression when I worked on one of the programmes.

Visiting Olympic Capital

5 Aug

Hi one and all

Now I have caught my breathe from the events of the weekend I can share with you the great day I had on Friday, going to London. My reason for going down was to meet up with Terry, someone I had previously met and mentioned in one of my posts, who had recently come back from working on a film. When he came back to the UK, I’d arrange to meet up with him in London, so we could talk about any upcoming films/ projects that he knew about that would be recruiting production crew. I admit I was worried I won’t get to London in time, what with the Olympics and possible delays, but made it to St Pancras in plenty of time, and when I saw Terry at Costa coffee it was all go go. When I arrived, Terry informed me he had invited someone who he had not only worked with in the industry, but also someone who could potentially help with production running opportunities. It was great having a catch up and finding out how Terry had been since we last spoke, as well as having a chat in general over coffee with his friend/ colleague, Saloum.

After coffee it was a trip to Carluccios where the three of us talked more about films in the cinema that were coming out and we were all going to see, pre-production films and colleagues that they have worked with, who maybe able to help me get my foot in the door more. I did talk about my time at Pinewood Studios and how I had had an awesome time, and how I had tried to find Terry’s parking space, but without success. It was really interesting everything that was discussed and I learnt a lot from the day.

I admit it was sad having to leave London to head back to the East Midlands, but the good news is I am heading back to London near to the end of the month, to the Barbican to see the James Bond Exhibiton. The one thing I’m gonna see if they have is a bar and if I can order a Vesper drink and see what it is like. One thing that caught my attention coming into London was seeing the Olympic Stadium and at the time I wonder what events were taking place there, and it was only after I was waiting for my train, and with the 2012 Olympic support volunteers handing out ice creams that I heard that Great Britain had won gold and silver medals what I can’t remember. So fingers all systems go for upcoming media work, I can’t wait and will hopefully have more news to share with you when the time comes.

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