Visiting Olympic Capital

5 Aug

Hi one and all

Now I have caught my breathe from the events of the weekend I can share with you the great day I had on Friday, going to London. My reason for going down was to meet up with Terry, someone I had previously met and mentioned in one of my posts, who had recently come back from working on a film. When he came back to the UK, I’d arrange to meet up with him in London, so we could talk about any upcoming films/ projects that he knew about that would be recruiting production crew. I admit I was worried I won’t get to London in time, what with the Olympics and possible delays, but made it to St Pancras in plenty of time, and when I saw Terry at Costa coffee it was all go go. When I arrived, Terry informed me he had invited someone who he had not only worked with in the industry, but also someone who could potentially help with production running opportunities. It was great having a catch up and finding out how Terry had been since we last spoke, as well as having a chat in general over coffee with his friend/ colleague, Saloum.

After coffee it was a trip to Carluccios where the three of us talked more about films in the cinema that were coming out and we were all going to see, pre-production films and colleagues that they have worked with, who maybe able to help me get my foot in the door more. I did talk about my time at Pinewood Studios and how I had had an awesome time, and how I had tried to find Terry’s parking space, but without success. It was really interesting everything that was discussed and I learnt a lot from the day.

I admit it was sad having to leave London to head back to the East Midlands, but the good news is I am heading back to London near to the end of the month, to the Barbican to see the James Bond Exhibiton. The one thing I’m gonna see if they have is a bar and if I can order a Vesper drink and see what it is like. One thing that caught my attention coming into London was seeing the Olympic Stadium and at the time I wonder what events were taking place there, and it was only after I was waiting for my train, and with the 2012 Olympic support volunteers handing out ice creams that I heard that Great Britain had won gold and silver medals what I can’t remember. So fingers all systems go for upcoming media work, I can’t wait and will hopefully have more news to share with you when the time comes.

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