Forget opportunity knocks, opportunity calls (well, in my case it does)

16 Aug

Hi everyone

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything, but I have been working on the music for one of my short films. The expression when your left hand itches left to leave, right to receive I thought only referred to money, not everything. I say this because my right knuckle was itching non-stop all, including when I was at work. When I went on my break I found a voicemail on my phone from one of my contacts at a production company in Birmingham, who told me that another production company he is working with are looking for crew for a shoot in the area I live and would I be free to help out. And of course I said yes, and was given the contact details for the lady organising the filming. Surprisingly, after the phone call my knuckle stopped itching, and the ironic thing behind this is I was thinking about when my next media opportunity would be. Even though it is for one day, I am looking forward to getting started with more production work, and it was nice of my contact to do that for me, I guess I made a good expression when I worked on one of the programmes.


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