The Delis Mix Dish it out

28 Aug

No I’m not referring to a deli counter of a supermarket, I am of course talking about the coolest rock band in melton and that is the guys mentioned in the title of the post. These guys have been performing in the Surface Festival Midlands region music events since they were announced. So far they have made it through to the final, which is and was held at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, an event that I headed to this evening. I traveled in with a few of the Delis Mixs friends Sam and Tom, and when once I got my ticket I was given one of the coolest T-Shirt which you can see here.

                                                                               I know cool isn’t it

Met the band and after watching a few of the others perform before the Delis Mix took to the stage, to rock the O2, and here are some of there songs and shots of them. Although Jasper and the Company of others delivered some great tracks they still didn’t do as well (in my opinion) as the Delis.

Next band to perform was a group called Extras Fall In and the first song I heard more of the drums than the person actually singing.

And then came the best part of festival came; the Delis took the stage and the first song that they performed was one I and others had never heard before and it was awesome beyond anything I had heard that night.

And here are more of their songs;

And the grand finale of their totally awesome performance!

Although there were about 30-40 people roughly the majority of the vote comes from the judges from the different counties of the Midlands. However, there is a text Vote..its ‘Midlands 3044’ too ‘64343’..if u cant make it please text to help the Delis make it through to the final FINAL of the gig. This will give them the chance to make it to the O2 London Arena (as far as I can remember only 6 out of the 20 that performed this evening can go). All I and the rest of the Delis supporters can do is hope, text and pray that they make it. So boys and girls across the globe if you like what you see then help them go all the way and vote for them before they night ends. As for me the night was a blast and if they make it to London I hope you will see more pictures like this;

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