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Movies Moments Make Magic

31 Oct

Hi Everyone

Let me just say Happy Halloween, I would like to point out that this along with Christmas, that Halloween is my favourite holiday, and because my birthday is the next day.

The title of my post refers to my two amazing days in London, and the truly were amazing. I had recently seen a posting for a networking event on Facebook about a seminar Q & A session ‘Skyfall: Behind the Scenes’, and as I was free on tuesday I thought why not. So booked my ticket and traveled to London on the Monday for the evenings event, at the Rich Mix cafe/ cinema.


As I had some time to kill before the event, I ventured out to the Victoria and Albert Museum hoping to go round the Hollywood Costume exhibition, only to find that when I’d got there it had sold out. I guess thats what you get when it is half term for schools in london, oh well it is on till January 2013 so there is still time to go. Despite this setback, I did enjoy the rest of the museum, especially the theatre, performance, film and photograph sections. Here are some happy-snappy shots.








Made it to Bethnal Green Rd it took a heck of a walk to get there, but I made it a.o.k. Once there I met others who were in the media industry, and it was soon time for the seminar to start. This was chaired by a really nice guy named Harvey, who is a Council Film Officer, and we were introduced to the Unit Production Manager, the Supervising Locations Manager and the Head of london underground Film Office. The talk was really interesting learning about how Skyfall was shot, the different locations used, a typical day on set and all the contracts, paperwork and red-tape to get permission to film on location.

After all of our questions were answered it was a drinks an nibbles moment were I got to talk more to all of the guest speakers about my career goals, ask more Qs about Skyfall and their careers, as well as handing out my business cards to most of the people there. I did surprise myself by finding my hotel in the dark from Bethnal Green.

Once the first day came to an end, then next one commenced. Prior to coming into London I made arrangements to find out if my friend Terry would be free to meet up for a chat, to which he said if I could get to Leavesden Studios then yes. Ordinarily I would have left London after I had done what I had gone to the capital to da, but on this occasion I thought why give myself a Halloween treat and go to the studio. Once at Walford Junction I caught one of the numerous tour coaches to the studio and although it took 15 mins to get there, it was so worth it. Pulling unto the car park I was greeted with the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and as much as I wanted to go on the tour after meeting Terry would have meant getting home really late (won’t be back in time for potential trick or treaters), so I will safe that for another day. After getting to security and being escorted to the right building I was soon in the presence of the great Terry B. Unfortunately, I arrived on a day where everything was all systems go on a film set, so only stayed on site for about 20-30mins, but it was enough time for us to catch up, and tell him how the seminar had gone last night along with everything else I have been up to.


I will admit it took a while to get home, and even longer when it started to rain, and I got completely drenched walking home. Next on the agenda is going to Manchester on the 13th then the 20th November. All that is left for today is to wait for potential trick or treaters, whilst counting down the hours till I turn 25.

Lets hope it doesn’t rain on the 13th and 20th Nov, keep reading.

Return of the Shadow

27 Oct

Hi everyone

It has been a while since I posted anything, but I now have something to share. The title of this post refers back to when I was at ITV work shadowing one of the runners, Lesley. I was invited back by one of the planning managers based in Manchester to another work-shadow day at ITV. Luckily the sun shone though it still was really cold. Although I wasn’t needed to 1pm, I left to get up there in plenty of time to drop my case off at the hotel. Once there I met two of the runners I would be shadowing; Hanni and Emma. What I didn’t know till I got on site was that there was another person coming in to also shadow, Cara. Before she arrived I was given the official uniform for 3SIXTYMEDIA, as you may have guessed they’re the people behind Jeremy Kyle, and other programmes. Once kitted out we went ran putting signs up for audiences for a show that they would be sitting in on, as well as finding out if any members of staff needed refreshments and sourcing material for them.

When Cara and I were told to go on lunch, I caught a glimpse of some more of the cast members of Corrie and at one point I saw in the flesh and for real, Jeremy Kyle, which was a surprise as I didn’t think I would get the chance to.

Once lunch was over, we met two another runner, Ryan and lucy, and got started with the shadowing again. The work was basically doing what I did when at Pinewood Studios though the only difference was it was really cold where I was stationed. After an hour and a half in the cold I headed into the studios I hobbled back to the studio with my iceberg legs ready for the filming a new show. I cannot tell you what it is called or what it is about but I can tell you that the presenter is Paddy McGuinness. Well, I certainly enjoyed myself and was annoyed when 10pm rolled by and it was time to go. Whilst I was waiting for the audience to leave I met a spark by the name of Olly, who has given me some useful and insightful advice about getting experience within drama, whether it works in my favour, only time will tell.

Despite getting back to my hotel at an ok time, I still had to set my alarm for 4am to get back home and to get to work as they had kindly moved my hours so I could get back in time. So lets see if ITV will call on me again to run, or for anything else.

Next activity on the agenda is a trip to London and to meet the people by the most anticipate film that has recently come out. If you want to know more, come back Wednesday when I am back from the capital.

Open Your Eyes

5 Oct

Hi Guys

I know it has been awhile since I wrote on my blog, reasons are rooted in me working on one of my short films (titled highlighted above). The film focuses on an issue that no-one was ever thought about until i have posed the question. I have now sorted out the audio and music on the film (for the moment I have, though if I can change it I will). It has taken a heck of a longtime trying to get everything near perfect, mainly with the music. Despite it being quiet in parts, I just hope that its ok.

I just hope you all enjoy what you see, any comments you have I would really appreciate, be as honest as you can be.

Now this is completed, I can move onto my next project that I have started on, and hopefully this next one will be ok too. So I will be adding updates on my next film and everything else that I am doing too.

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