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Creative update

24 Dec

Hi folks

I know it has been a while since I posted, but as many would know Christmas has been on the cards for me for getting pressies and wrapping things up. As I now have a moment to get something onto a post its a case of giving an update on my placement. It has been great going to Birmingham for my media company work. Although it is mainly admin work, it is great to get some more skills in this area as I seriously need more here. The good news is I can continue with the work in 2013 (unless someone says the world will end in the next 30 seconds). One thing I am looking forward to is another networking event down in London at a well known film studio, it would be great to go back as it will be my third time there, and I get the chance to see some familiar faces too.

The other reason for the delayed posting is I have spent the last couple of days making a selection of alcoholic ice creams, last one I finished yesterday, fingers crossed I hope they work (said Guy Fawkes as he lit the fuse), and taste great too. If you wish to know what flavours they are, feel free to message me.
On a final note I wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013. Let the celebrations commence for one and all.


Let’s get Creative, for England’s sake

8 Dec

Hi one and all

I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted, but I have news to share. I last wrote that I would be involved in a new opportunity and once everything had been sorted I would share, and now I can. This opportunity is with a company called Creative England, and for six weeks (minus Christmas week) I will be working with them as a intern. Initially, I was going to be posted to their offices at Pinewood Studios, but because of the distance/ travel, my placement was changed so I would be closer to home. Although I was sad to not being going back to Pinewood Studios, as I would have seen so many friends, I thought no worry, I still have the intern placement. So for two days a week I will be going back and forth, spending 6 hours a day helping update a TV and Film database for production companies all over the UK.

This weeks two days have gone by so fast, and I admit there are not enough hours in the day for what you need to do in the role. Although the work I have done at the moment is more admin and updating databases there are other activities I have been assigned to complete. The people I am working with are both friendly and very welcoming to me during my first week. So the next time I will be working with Creative England will be Monday where I will be traveling here, there and everywhere, which I am looking forward to. I just hope it doesn’t rain or snow on Monday.

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