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Two weeks Work

28 Aug

Hi all that follow my blog, and those that stumble upon it

I have spent these last two weeks going back and forth to a production office, helping work on a programme as a locations assistant/ office runner. I cannot tell you the name of the programme only that it is shown on C4, sorry for being vague but official secrets act and all.

I have been covering for the current runner whilst she was away on holiday and met her this week (which was my final week) and she is both very nice and very tanned from where she has been on her hols. The rest of the production team were brilliant, they all made me feel very welcome and part of the team itself. My production manager was a real gem looking after me and offering me the two weeks slot that needed covering.

I decided on my last day to take in a hand made thank you card, and as we ended up talking about cake one day I decided to take one in; Black Forest Gateau, and as an added treat different types of sprinkles so everyone could jazz up their slices and make them look pretty.

One thing I nearly forgot to mention is that I have recently been taken on and completed my registration links with different extras agencies I figured that whilst production crew is and would be quiet in the near future to keep busy and gain experience as an extra. I also through an dare/ out of my mind experience contacted a modeling agency who invited me for a ‘GO-SEE’ appointment and after 20 minutes to a days discussion said to me there and then that they wanted to offer me representation for a year. Whether it was flattery or not they said to me that I would be ideal for modeling and appearing in feature films and commercials so after weighing up the options I have decided to sign with them as it is another avenue for gaining work, experience and even work experience.

Once the bank holiday is out of the way and I have completed everything I need to do my upcoming plans and work can be put in motion. I hope my posts do not sound self-centred, or very big headed in anyway if they do please feel free to say and I will change my style of writing, or rather typing.

Have a happy bank holiday if you are in the UK, if not have a great to all who read.

In good company of Mr. Bloom

15 Aug

Hi Guys

News to share and lots of it. One thing I can certainly say is true in the world of media its not what you know but who you know, and here it is. A friend of mine who works at BBC MediaCity contacted over a week ago (was week Thurs 25th- Sun 29th July) about an opportunity with BBC Learning, as a runner with ‘Mr.Bloom and Friends Big Day Out Roadshow’. Although the event ran for three days, I did four with helping set up the site, and it was an awesome time.

My first day I met Zoe, the location manager and she made me feel like a member of the team. My responsibilities that day were helping decorate the site with bunting and there was lots of it. Later during the day I got to meet the rest of the BBC production crew; Moray, Yvonne,Morgan, Alex, Amy, Anna and whilst they got set up on site I was given the task of sourcing vegetables for the show tomorrow, getting crates of bananas for making smoothies, cups for pens and pencils and collecting the Bloom talent from the train station, and taking then to their hotel. Soon the day came to an end and it was a case of having an early night as I knew what would be in store for the next day.

At the site bright and early to meet another runner Adam and other members of the team, ready for the arrival and children and their parents. It was so cool that i and other volunteers got to wear BBC aprons Red for us, and Green for BBC staff. First day involved collecting the Bloom team and bringing them to the site (oh, almost forgot to mention I got the chance to learn how to drive a hire car, and it only took two minutes to learn on the Thursday afternoon). sourcing supplies and going shopping for lunches, helping out in the gazebos with some of the activities for the children and parents to participate in. In addition, I drove talent, crew and Bloom talent to the station when it was the last day. Each day always came to an end so fast, it always happens when you enjoy yourself.

During my time with the BBC crew, I was made to feel like a member of the team, even though it was for a short time. Each one of them always asked was I O.K and keep checking that everything was running smoothly. I admit that when the fourth and final day came to an end and it was time to take the crew to the station, I was sad but happy that they all got a chance to have a break from work, before heading to the next location. The days were made even better with the hot and humid weather (although on the final day it rained twice but was still a nice day all the same). I hope I get another chance to work with BBC, or with the crew I worked with as they were all great people to work with. So I say thank you Zoe, Yvonne, Moray, morgan, Sian, Anna, Alex, Amy, Kirsty, Vicky, Adam, Roy and other BBC Crew members thank you for letting me part of something great. I hope you come back to the Midlands next year, or in the foreseeable future.

On that note I will have more media news to share either tomorrow or in the next few days/ weeks. Until them Ciao.

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