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BFI Forever One Year On

9 Nov

I was surprised a few weeks ago to receive an email from BFI informing of a series of roadshows it would be bring across the UK, and one of the venues was Derby. This surprised me as it isn’t exactly top of the list when it comes to the East Midlands, but all the same I signed up to the sessions. It was held at an old hangout of mine when I was at university so it was great going back.

Before the events kicked off we had a networking introduction of tea and coffee with biscuits, lots of biscuits and I got the chance to meet some new people, hand out some business cards and see some familiar faces. These familiar faces I am referring to are the YSP Media team who I worked with on the sitcom episode ‘Jobseekers’ so it was great to catch-up.

Once the sessions began we were introduced to the team behind BFI; Ben Roberts Director of BFI, Eddie Berg Director of BFI partnerships, Nikki Christie BFI Education, Creative England and Film Network attended. The event was split into two the first half focused on education and how BFI and Film network are focusing their attentions on using films to educate young individuals, the programmes they have for 5-19 year olds, the impact and reactions triggered using media in education and the career choices/ placements open to young people. It was another networking session with more tea and coffee and of course more biscuits before going back for the second session which looked at Heritage and Archived films. It was here that I learned about the BFI Player where individuals can watch certain and particular films that are housed, maintained and restored by the BFI; some of which are free and others pay per view. Additionally, references were made also to workshops and future events that BFI are planning for the future.

The session ended quicker than I expected but I won’t be away from Derby/ QUAD for long as I will be going back for another networking session in December, so keep your eye on the blog and will be back soon.

One week come and gone

3 Nov

Hi all

What a week it has been being busy with media work, both behind and in front of the camera, and it has been a blast. Monday I travelled to Birmingham to be an extra and I met another lady who has been an extra for many well-known programmes and films. I was even more taken aback when the person I met said that if I am ever working down in Slough that I am more than welcome to stay with her. So I offered her the same invitation with work in the area that I am currently living in. Initially I was going to be an extra on Monday but that also involved thursday as the freaky weather meant certain scenes had to be scheduled.

Tuesday was a day of preparing for an interview for a new TV channel that starts next year in April. The role I applied for was a TV researcher and web producer. I have been a runner for so long now that I think it is time that I progress further forward. So I need to wait till next week to find out if I have been lucky enough to have been chosen for the role.

Wednesday was spent working with an American company promoting a new car cleaning product, that is sold by a company called TRISTAR Products. The crew were really welcoming and the product was brilliant that I will consider getting some in if it means washing a car that means I don’t have to get my hands in cold water. I learned that because they are always filming in the Midlands that they will call on me again to help out. What shocked me about the whole day was that 2 of the camera men helping out too were local to where I live!

As I mentioned I was involved in extra work, and then drove home to watch Horror films as part of Halloween night. Friday I had as a day off and had to celebrate my 26th birthday. These days I am not that big on celebrating  and just treat the days as another day.

Saturday was spent travelling to help out on another episode of ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’, although call time was 8am, I got to site at 7.20am. Once there I met the other runners and the rest of the crew, as well as the auctioneers. The first part of the day involved being assigned one of the podiums where I looked after the crew and auctioneer, as well as finding willing participants to be filmed in the background. The rest of the afternoon involved looking after the queue of contributors and tidying up the venue as the day progressed so the crew could concentrate on filming and other tasks throughout the afternoon. There is one thing that also annoys me when it comes to media work and that is the fact that time goes by so fast when I am enjoying myself, and yet when I have to go to my part time job working in a supermarket it goes painfully slow. It is like pulling teeth and I would love more than anything to have constant and continuous media work and then I could leave.

Now that Sunday is here I decided instead of going to do my radio show to have a day to catch my breathe and have a mellow day. I have a long list of things to do this week and thereafter I will be doing more media work and hopefully there will be more to come. I hope I get to work with the guys I worked with yesterday as they were a great group of people to work with.

Come Monday and the madness starts again, combined with buying more Christmas presents. For now I shall love and leave you until my next posting.

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