‘Allies’, Armed and in Action

11 Jul

Hi fellow followers

Here is a belated posting for a film I worked on. Please read and feel free to comment



Hi Mediadreamzers

No sooner had my StreamUK opportunity ended, another one arose. You may remember that I mentioned a Q&A session and talking about a film called ‘Allies’, and how the director mentioned about letting me help out on the production, well that time had come.

As a reminder and a refresher to you here is a little info on the film; Set in August 1944, a team of British soldiers led by US Captain are dropped behind enemy lines in France on a mission that could shorten the war. As nothing goes according to plan, commando Sergeant Harry McBain and Captain Gabriel Jackson know they must put aside personal animosity if the mission is to succeed. The film is Inspired by true events; Allies tells the story of friendship and survival during World War Two.
Although I was involved for a few days on the film, it was a brilliant two days.

The first day was an early start, even earlier than when I normally get up in the morning; 5am call time. After collecting the Director, 1st AD and DOP we travelled to the location on day one and once there it was meeting the rest of the production team, getting the call sheet of the day and getting ready to begin filming. I was assigned to unit B which involved going off site to another locations to film the scenes of the day, forests, train stations etc (one thing I have noticed is when your working on a production, time does not stand still, it goes way too fast). Most of the day involved driving backwards and forwards collecting people, supplies and going to the production office. Sooner than expected wrap time was called for everyone to leave the production base, until tomorrow.

The following day was more hands on than Thursday and after driving around in the morning to get more supplies and collect actors from the station, I was invited into set by Unit A by the 3rd AD, Faz. I think at one point I was very popular because it was about 24C I had an ice pack with with me I was letting the crew use it to keep cool until it turned to water (next time I will try to remember my pocket fan. On set it was a case of wearing ear plugs because of the constant gun fire at different stages of filming. The afternoon involved looking after the equipment with another runner called Ian, taking actors to the station, taking rushes to the office and dropping one of the actors off at his accommodation before I needed to leave due to work.

Although filming ended on the film on Monday and I worked on the production for two, it was a brilliant experience. I just want to say an awesome thank you to the following people;

Dominic Burns for letting me get involved in the production
Emma Biggins
Faz Buffery

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