That’s the Sport

7 Aug

Hi Mediadreamzers

I know have a few minutes sit down to share with you my latest media activity, its something thats new to me and very interesting; baton twirling. This years event is being hosted in Nottingham at the Capital Fm arena for 4 days, 5 if you include the opening ceremony, which was a terrific event. This year marks the 32rd annual Baton Twirling competition in England, I hear last year the host country was Paris. As it was a day of peeping and setting the various cameras up ready for the nights festivities and for filming the event from tomorrow, as well as live streaming. One thing that is really great about being part of such a great sporting event is working with people I have worked with before on past productions, was great having a catch up with everyone and finding out what everyone has been up to. The majority of the day as I say was setting up the equipment and testing it before the opening ceremony began, as well as meeting the people behind Baton Biz, so if you are curious about the event and want to see what performances are held each day (Thurs-Sun) then feel free to logon to and register for live stream, also the Facebook page and the twitter feed #worldbaton2014.


One thing I was asked to do by the director with regard to making sure the cameras, monitors and all visual equipment was working was to go onto the floor and dance like a mad person to makes sure that all was in working order (unfortunately there are no youtube videos to load to show).

On that note I must go and get ready for todays event and will share the days happenings with you later.


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