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vInspired, Be Inspired

26 Mar

Afternoon everyone

One is being kept busy with a film project on the volunteering I and others do at a Radio station in my area, and I hope to have the film finished before the birthday date (25th April). I enjoy volunteering, as it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and it is immensely rewarding.

And speaking of rewarding, tonight at Camden RoundHouse is a terrific event, organised by an organisation I have found volunteering work from for quite a while; vInspired. In a nutshell for those of you who do not know, this is where 16-25 year olds can volunteer and be part of an activity, organisation or get the skills that are essential for going out into the working world, something that many employers look for and through this you get recognition. It is this recognition that many young people, as well as many groups have clocked up so many hours that they are being honoured for that tonight.

At the awards at 7.30pm tonight there will be many famous and well known artists, such as ‘The Saturdays’, Katie Piper (co-presenting) and many more. Although I helped out at last years awards asa Backstage Runner (refer to March 2012) and had so much fun, I thought I should try again, and although I was unsuccessful, I was considered for a role as a Digital Presenter. This role involved interviewing the winners and speaking to the celebrity guests and providing coverage about the event through Google Hangout, and sharing the nights festivities through the power of streaming. Due to technical problems at the venue, I won’t be able to co-present via the comfort of my home, however, I dod plan to watch the event and I hope you guys can too. You may ask the question how do I do this? Answer go onto Google hangout and search for vInspired, send request to join their circle, once accepted you can watch from your computer and if you like what you see share it with your friends and others and if you like what you see, then it may vInspire you to get involved with them, or with volunteering.

Again 7.30pm, tune in and see what you think.

One Night Only

23 Mar

Well it was a night that I and other people won’t forget. You may recall a few weeks ago I attended an Induction Day in London for the vInspired Awards, well that day was yesterday. And boy, what a night!

After heading to London and making in to the venue, which was the IMAX, one question sprung to mind; How on earth do I get into the building, as I was wondering round and round like a fool trying to find a way in. Only for a kind gentlemen who pointed out that the entrance to the IMAX meant having to go down the subway. Well, didn’t I feel like a fool. Once I made it and more people showed up, the debriefing began. Emma and I were introduced to the on-call staff who were in charge of the running of the event, and incase we had any questions or problems.

We all then took a tour of the IMAX, and as it was my first time inside I thought OMG this place is huge. We were all taken up to the auditorium and shown the stage and told the running order of the night. Emma and I were then shown the backstage area where the presenters and performers would be until needed. Well the presenter certainly got us talking, one question for you Do the names Emma Willis and Eddie Kadi mean anything to you. Answer they should!

Once we had all been given our uniforms, which consisted of a purple t-shirt with our roles highlighted on the back we then headed to the hotel to drop everything off and to change. In order for you to see the wonderfulness of the t-shirts you can see from Emma and me what they look like.

We all then headed back to the IMAX and as soon as we were there we got to work. Emma and I headed up to the backstage area and once we were there we saw the names of everyone attending; along with Emma Willis and Eddie Kadi we saw Tinchy Stryder, Angel/ Wretch 32 and the new and upcoming group Stooshe.

So the activities of the night for the both of us was helping answer the questions of the volunteers and the guests, providing refreshments to the presenters, handing out flyers about vInspired, escorting the volunteers who had won back to their seats when they had had their photos and interviews done and anything else that needed doing.

Oh, I should seriously hit myself, I haven’t even given the other guys a mention, the people who were acting as Event Support Staff, Photographers and a DJ for the night’s event. (you will see and hear more of them in the post).

Prior to the event Aimee, one of the wonderful people who chose us for the designated roles advised us (Emma and I) to get some food before everything kicked off. I must admit it was a good thing we did, my gosh the food was incredible. What I, Emma and Niall (our DJ man of the night) had first was a small bowl of malaysia chicken with noodles and carrots. This was followed by a bowl of something that was soft and tasted of cheese, which I later discovered was Gnocchi (Italian dumplings) served with Artichokes and broad beans. Another good reason for us to eat was one of the helpers of the night asked Emma and I to start running and being backstage. So we got our skates on!

Emma was the runner for upstairs and I was the runner for downstairs though this soon changed when we were both up and down at the same time.

Whilst the award ceremony kicked off, I decided to capture some of the show and the performances for all you lovely people to see.

In addition to filming part of the show, I also got the chance to get some photos of the wonderful people attending and performing too. All I need to know is what you think?

Although the night in itself was awesome, the only downside for me was getting a bounding headache halfway through, all I can say is that a small amount of chocolate, Diet Coke and Fresh air certainly helps. Once this had slowly subsided I was able to enjoy the night.

During the evening I managed to get photos of the venue, the people and I also filmed the awards that was shown on the TV in the V.I.P area.

Though before the event ended, Emma and I got the chance to go into the IMAX and watch the show get ‘rapped’ up (if you’ll pardon the expression) by the one the only Tinchy Stryder. Though he certainly surprised me prior to the awards when he came in and looked at me and said hi! and he said that to me each time I saw him. Well feast your eyes on his performance here people.

The one thing I nearly forgot to mention was that when Tinchy arrived with about 4 people, which before going on the green room, and he just hi to me, which was an enormous surprise. Although I didn’t see them during the after party I managed to get a picture or two of Stooshe, and here is one of the photos.

Though the best bit for ending it was Emma and Eddie doing an African dance, and Eddie doing something that got everyone cheering and that was his Michael Jackson performance (which I have tweeted to him!). Once we done what we’d initially gone to do in the IMAX; retrieve someones scarf and hat.

Once we were out we got down to partying ourselves, and the best bit was meeting the guest, and the first one on the list for me was Jamal Edwards, who I not only got my picture taken with, but also got his autograph. This also happened with Emma Willis and Eddie Kadi, and I’ve got to be honest they are the nicest people who could ever hope to meet, they are all gems. The highlight for me with Eddie Kadi was handing him one of my business cards, writing my blog site on the back and him saying he wanted my video! Not bad for a night’s work.

Here are some of the awesome shots of us with the presenters and guests. They all rock! Once we had photos taken and had had a laugh with the cameras we all headed up to the dance floor to get some serious partying underway, and I have to admit I went a bit too far, and ended up falling on my butt. You may ask why this is, and the answer is because I decided to do a limbo move and went too far back, and of course I laughed at myself, as you do.

I can’t get over the fact that we had over two hours to party, and it went by so quickly, but as the video here shows the fun we and everyone else we having yesterday.

The night’s partying went on till after midnight and once back many of us were still hyper, and didn’t want to call it a day/ night/ day, so we headed to out for some drinks, bought them back to one of the rooms and spent the next three hours talking, having laugh and have a good old mess around, as you can see here. One of which was me suggesting that we do some mattress surfing, of course we couldn’t get the mattress through the door, so we all took it in turns of threes to surf.

In addition to this, we decided to saviour the night with many memories of the day and night was lots of snap shots over what we were all up to, and here are a handful of the fun we had;

One thing that surprised me and the rest of the group was Jamal disappeared at one point and came back with a pizza, and I thought at 2.45am you can get food still? Nice. What surprised me was the fact that I’d been up since 6.45am and I wasn’t even tired yet, I guess it was because I had a sugar fix to get rid of my headache.

It was roughly 4am when everyone decided to try and some sleep before having to get up and leave London in the few hours we had left. I have only had two hours sleep and I am not even shattered yet, though this will at some point catch up with me. But is was so worth it after everything we all did yesterday, and our little VIP after thereafter party was one of the best bits of the night, like I said One Night Only.

Before I forget, well done to the volunteers and everyone else, and this goes to the people at vInspired, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a runner. As this was the first time I had been a runner for an event like this, I can honestly say that I had a blast and if I could I would do this all over again I would do without a hesitation. So for anyone out there who is unsure about getting involved in events and volunteering like this, just go for it, you won’t be disappointed. All I want to know is where my next event or activity will take me, I can’t wait. Keep watching and reading.

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