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Christmas Cheering Round One

8 Dec

Hey Mediadreamzers

Festive season is soon to be upon us, of course and one thing, rather strike that two things that have shocked me so far, one is that I got my Christmas shopping done by the end of November, normally I get it done on second or third week. The second is that I have been invited to three media Christmas parties and my first one was last night in where other than the capital.

So after playing dress up and trying to make myself look pretty, heading to the station and getting to the Capital, specifically Farringdon to Dado54. I am surprised I found it without getting lost and once in it was free champagne and photo shoot A-list style. It was nice to meet one of my media producer contacts face to face; Jonathan. Soon more guests arrived and I admit it was not just people that work in media; lawyers, people who work with politicians, photographers, event organisers and lots more. One thing that gets me down is time is on overdrive when I am in the Capital or at a party and in my guess it was double the speed being in Capital.

I eventually drag my ass back home after midnight and all I can say is what an ace party definitely a 10/10, I just hope that my next party on the 15th is gonna be as awesome as this one. Back to the Capital again today to take Christmas treats to my other media friends and I don’t know how I did it but I got there without any of the stuff getting crushed or destroyed on the train. miracles do exist.

Next to come- Curry Nite.

Happy Holidays

24 Dec

Hi everyone

Ever had that feeling where you’ve been standing still, blinked and time has gone past you? Well, it certainly feels like it with 2013 nearly drawing to a close and 2014 soon to be upon.

To date, it has been a great year done more media activities that I can recall, done work as an extra and will be looking to do more in 2014 and have other ideas and plans for the year to come. Before the day starts for many of you I just wanted to wish my followers and those who have visited my blog a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year and the best way of saying it is with a musical card.

Happy Christmas one and all x

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