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Radio Film

17 May


Hi Folks

After working on my film project for the past 4-5 months it is finished. The film itself was finished back in March, it was the music that was such a nightmare. Hopefully, you like it and can hear it too.

If you could watch it and either like, or leave me your thoughts, that would be awesome. I have two more film ideas in the pipeline, and I am in the midst of planning them along with some foreseeable future feature film. I know what I am doing isn’t Cannes or Oscar worthily material, but at least it can be part of my portfolio. One thing that surprised me was the guys at my local Apple store want to have a copy of my film to showcase during their lessons on FinalCut Pro. I admit FinalCut did seem complicated at first, but when I got used to it, it was awesome!

Watch, comment, rate and enjoy.

Creative update

24 Dec

Hi folks

I know it has been a while since I posted, but as many would know Christmas has been on the cards for me for getting pressies and wrapping things up. As I now have a moment to get something onto a post its a case of giving an update on my placement. It has been great going to Birmingham for my media company work. Although it is mainly admin work, it is great to get some more skills in this area as I seriously need more here. The good news is I can continue with the work in 2013 (unless someone says the world will end in the next 30 seconds). One thing I am looking forward to is another networking event down in London at a well known film studio, it would be great to go back as it will be my third time there, and I get the chance to see some familiar faces too.

The other reason for the delayed posting is I have spent the last couple of days making a selection of alcoholic ice creams, last one I finished yesterday, fingers crossed I hope they work (said Guy Fawkes as he lit the fuse), and taste great too. If you wish to know what flavours they are, feel free to message me.
On a final note I wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013. Let the celebrations commence for one and all.


To Be or Not To Be…

22 Feb

Well thats a question I and about 7 other people were asking ourselves last night, when at a Tuesday connections night at the Little Theatre. Before all this yesterday I spent my evening filming and interviewing a lady called Sasha for the film I am currently working on. I can happily say that it is coming together nicely, all I need is a few more cut away shots and some more male interviews then it will be ready to edit. If anyone has any ideas for the type of background music let me hear your suggestions.

Right well back to Tuesday night. I decided that although I have some TV and Film experience behind me, I am thinking about getting some theatre experience behind me. Although Stage Management/ crew is my main area of interest, during the tour, organised and given Karl, Bianca and Vincent, informed us us all that we couldget involved in any and every area. So I am won over by work shadowing in all areas as you get to learn so much. The tour started inside and from the stage itself we went roundthe whole are, even outside to where the costume hire shop is. We were given the chance to observe the actors rehearsing the plays ‘Carrie’s War’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and one a Shakespeare’s well-known pieces ‘Cymbeline’.

One thing I also learned was that when you join the Little theatre offers acting/ elocution lessons for free. So its now a case of deciding which area(s) I want to work in and which days/ nights I want to get involved in. So when I have decided I will let you all know. The only question I forgot to ask them is are they suspicious with Shakespeare’s play Macbeth in that they have to a ‘The Scottish Play’. That is something I can ask them later.

My memorable moments of the night are Karl (Stage Management Manager) asking me about my experience, and Bianca saying she thought my shoes were pretty cool and wanted a pair herself.

New Year, New Resolution

3 Jan

Hi one and all

First let me begin by saying that I hope you had a great Christmas, and that 2012 is going to be a happy one for you all. As most people traditionally do on New Year’s Eve is make a New year resolution to do the usual; lose weight, not to swear so much, work harder, go bungee- jumping (if you have a adventurous streak) and many others to go by.

Mine however, is to start making my own independent short films, nothing too Hollywood but to just pick up a camera and go out there and film what I want (within reason). I have two project ideas in mind I hope that I have planned and will soon be working on, though I was hoping to do so today but because the weather is really bad, I have decided to go with my back-up plan until things settle down.

Once they are finished obviously they will go onto a disc and be ready to show others who are interested in what I have been working on since the New Year kicked in.

I just hope that my ideas work and that they are not foolish, but its a case of taking a leap of faith and just going for it, so lets see what chapters I can write, or film this being the case, for 2012.

The Deli’s Mix Rockin’ it up at Shed

12 Dec

What a night my Friday just gone, normally I’d be spending it either working or just chilling out at home, but that night was spent in Leicester at Shed for Glastonbudget audition event, that the Deli’s Mix were be performing at. As these guys have asked me to help make a music video, I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to find those interested in helping out with this and thanks to one of the media lecturers I know at Derby, she posted the opportunity and two people responded; Patricia and Ashleigh. Once we made it to Leicester we met the guys in the Deli’s mix band who gave us a breakdown of what was going to happen, and at the same time I had my picture taken whilst wearing a really cool hat.

These plans changed however, as an unexpected spanner was thrown in the works, in that they were ment to be on stage first, only for us to find out that night that they would’nt be performing until 10.45pm. This unfortunately was an issue for the three of us that were going to be filming, due to travelling out of Leicester back home. So we changed the original plan where instead we conducted interviews with each person in the band, before asking them questions as a group. Coupled with this we managed to get footage of them chilling out and getting ready beforehand. One thing I learned from Rich when I was interviewing him that apart from the group having a series of gigs next year, which I, Patricia and Ashleigh hope to be filming, the music video they want to create is going to be sent to the states, do the initials MGM ring any bells?

Once Rich’s interview had finished I decided to interview the group, and we certainly got a lot out of a 10 minute interview (which is here for you to see and to judge yourself) be warned there is the odd swear word! Add in you may here me, Ashleigh and Patricia laughing, but it was worth it, with what said then.

Once back inside we saw some of the other performances, before we unfortunately had to go. Though I am so on board for filming the additional gigs and rehearsals before and in the new year, it will certainly give me a chance to play around experiement with final cut pro. So watch the interview and feel free to leave comments.

The Director/ Editor who came in from the cold

22 Oct

Note to self now that it is getting colder, stock up on Long Johns and all manner of thermals. Well, only on the Thursday nights when filming in Derby at the University. So far I’ve captured a lot footage of the Braves, and boy its some stuff. Thankfully, Steven had his computer with him, so I could put what I got from the previous 2 weeks onto a hard-drive, and then delete it from my flip. Along with getting heaps of footage of different training groups. Matt also said to me that he, and the other coaches, want me to create a promo video of the Derby Braves’ website, which I am so on-board for. I have an idea in my head for a beginning and end, just have to figure out the middle and then I’m good to go. Once in my car I thought thank god for heating systems, so I think next week I may stretch to 3 pairs of socks, and more layers, but apart from that I am having a blast, and can’t wait to get my hands on Final Cut Pro software. As I’ve said a lot in previous posts I seriously need final cut pro experience. So all I have to do now is find out who wants to be in the promo, how its got to be and start writing a treatment for it, and then all systems go.

Set, Hut

14 Oct

Well, this what was shouted a lot last night, obviously. Though before I went to the 3G Pitch, I decided to see if any of my lecturers were in the History department. Well, I certainly gave Ruth and Ian a surprise, as they didn’t expect to see me that night, so I explained why I was back at Derby uni, and that I would hopefully be seeing them when I’d be in either filming, or editing.

Made it to the pitch and was greeted by Adelie, someone on the sports committee, who came prepared for the cold weather, with a cup of coffee (and thats whose in this picture).

Managed to get some great footage of the practice session last night, though before practice everyone was warming up with stretches and one of the moves I’m gonna nickname is ‘the werewolf’. Reason for that is that everyone had their backs arched when stretching, and then the howling started, and on the night of a full moon too!

When I saw that my flip had a small amount of battery power, I thought I wouldn’t be getting anymore footage, thankfully flip cameras record when there is no battery life left, there is a god. One thing that surprised me was that I didn’t get in anyone’s way when they were training. One thing I discussed with Adelie was coming into the uni, to put the footage I have onto an apple mac. Thankfully, there are a lot of media people with the Derby Braves, and people on the sports committee who can help me out. A bonus is I also know the head of the media department, who maybe able to help me, so I just have to wait to hear what time on Thursday afternoon to go into the uni to add what I already have. So I am looking forward to getting to grips with Final cut pro, again. Stay tuned for next Thursdays tales, and howling.

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