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All ‘Adrift in Soho’

21 Nov

Hi Mediadreamzers

I can now sit and share with you what I have been up to for the past three weeks, which involved traveling back and forth a lot. Why you may ask, and the answer is from working on a film not as a runner but as a 3rd Camera Assistant. It felt strange not being a runner as that is what my role has been on most shoots so it was nice to be working on a film with more responsibilities. The film ‘Adrift in Soho’ is a novel by Colin Wilson and the plot focuses on Five individuals from different backgrounds are brought together by chance to take one last look at a world that is about to collapse in front of their eyes.

During my first week it was a case of getting to know the crew and familiarising myself with the equipment, how to fill in camera reports for each days collected shots. Most of the filming ended late at night but I never noticed how fast time went until I looked at my watch.

The second week was something an interesting week; I was crew and I was asked at one point about an extra when we were filming in a bar for nearly 12 hours, so I was taken away by the costume department and dressed in 1950s clothes and was given a beret and a drink of flat ‘alcohol’. It felt strange that when I was not needed on set I was working and I sort of felt like I was out of my comfort zone, but was great fun.

The third and final week was pretty much the same thing going to a lot more locations and filming everything within a 12-13 hour days. Granted it was exhausting and I ended getting back to my accommodation near to 10-11pm it was so worth it. I did notice when I was helping out each day I was greeted by hugs and kisses from the camera team, the sparks and from the director too. I was just said when everything ended each week so quickly, I just hope that I get to work with everyone again the future. I am looking forward to the next film I am working on in Derby. I have also found a way of adding film credits to media productions I have worked on onto my IMDB page and it worked.

I think before I do anything else will be to catch up on some sleep before I start my next project.

Nunquam Deditioneum

Music to my ears

6 Mar

Its certainly been an experience these last two days, working as a Production Assistant, on a music video. Something I have never done before, as most of my previous work has been on docs/ factual, entertainment and drama so having a music video on the CV is definitely different. I found about the opportunity through a previous contact and as I was free I thought why not.

Day One was spent meeting the crew and Art Department as the whole setting was a forest with puppets. When I say puppets think the Muppets. The role was the same as if I were working on a TV programme, as well as helping the Art people with the puppets and scenery.

Day two was more of the same thing, only difference was I had to be a dancing puppet when shooting certain scenes, and that was fun I must say. Soon the day ended quicker than it began, though I hope the director I worked with has future work opportunities for me to get involved in, as I enjoyed working with the team to help make the video for a local band. Although I have a networking night in April I am looking forward to at Pinewood Studios, provided the weather doesn’t turn and we have hurricanes or something even more extreme.

Extra, Extra update

18 Jul

I know I mentioned in my post of the day that it would be my last for the week because of traveling on Thursday, it turns out I forgot to mention what I was up to, as an extra. Headed into Derby for the day, and after getting there and arriving at the location, I met about 8 other extras, a group of extras and a production team. Once we’d had our meet and greet session, we all told that the scene we were shooting was about a group of young people wanting to make a TV show, and the acting would be terrible, the ‘extras’ who were the crew would act as though we were all hopeless. The funny thing behind this was I, along with a guy called Josh were given the roles of Production Assistants ironic really. I met another extra, Lynn, who I learned had done some work with a company that supplies animals for films, some she mentioned were ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, ‘Midsomer Murders’, ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’ and many more. Lynn even mentioned that the dog seen on TV and in Midsomer Murders was trained by the company she has worked with, which I though was really interesting. As soon as we began, it ended quicker than I expected and it was a really surprise, whether any of us will be asked back for additional scenes or for future projects who knows, though it is nice to have something different on the CV, so its worth considering. I hope to keep in touch with all the people I met yesterday and hope to see them again if we are called for more work like this.

So after this post you won’t hear a peep from me for a few days, which will be good, as the next time I write a post I will be talking non-stop.

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