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The Deli’s Mix Rockin’ it up at Shed

12 Dec

What a night my Friday just gone, normally I’d be spending it either working or just chilling out at home, but that night was spent in Leicester at Shed for Glastonbudget audition event, that the Deli’s Mix were be performing at. As these guys have asked me to help make a music video, I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to find those interested in helping out with this and thanks to one of the media lecturers I know at Derby, she posted the opportunity and two people responded; Patricia and Ashleigh. Once we made it to Leicester we met the guys in the Deli’s mix band who gave us a breakdown of what was going to happen, and at the same time I had my picture taken whilst wearing a really cool hat.

These plans changed however, as an unexpected spanner was thrown in the works, in that they were ment to be on stage first, only for us to find out that night that they would’nt be performing until 10.45pm. This unfortunately was an issue for the three of us that were going to be filming, due to travelling out of Leicester back home. So we changed the original plan where instead we conducted interviews with each person in the band, before asking them questions as a group. Coupled with this we managed to get footage of them chilling out and getting ready beforehand. One thing I learned from Rich when I was interviewing him that apart from the group having a series of gigs next year, which I, Patricia and Ashleigh hope to be filming, the music video they want to create is going to be sent to the states, do the initials MGM ring any bells?

Once Rich’s interview had finished I decided to interview the group, and we certainly got a lot out of a 10 minute interview (which is here for you to see and to judge yourself) be warned there is the odd swear word! Add in you may here me, Ashleigh and Patricia laughing, but it was worth it, with what said then.

Once back inside we saw some of the other performances, before we unfortunately had to go. Though I am so on board for filming the additional gigs and rehearsals before and in the new year, it will certainly give me a chance to play around experiement with final cut pro. So watch the interview and feel free to leave comments.

Jammin’ with ‘The Deli Mix’

17 Oct

Well, I hope to be in the next few weeks, along with the filming I’m doing with the Derby Braves. A few weeks ago a friend who went to schol with contacted me asking if I would help him make a promotional music video of his band, called ‘The Deli Mix’, to send to the US.

For those of you who have not heard of ‘The Deli Mix’, I guarantee you will soon, not just through me writing about them on my blog, but also through their music. But for the momoent here is a little info on the band, ‘The Deli Mix’ is a funk and cpsychedelic rock band, whose music, when heard, is gonna blow everyones minds.

The next thing I will be writing about this awesome band is when I’ll start filming their music video. I’m gonna be honest and say I’ve never shot a music video before, so it will be a first and great experience for me too.

Can’t wait to get started working with ‘The Deli Mix’. They ROCK!

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