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Carry on Pinewood

12 Jun

Hi guys

Now my feet aren’t throbbing anymore I can at last blog about my visit to Pinewood Studios. I make this my 4-5th time being there, it may get to the stage that I can drive there with my eyes shut (for all conscious drivers I would advise not do this). It was great surprising the security men I know down there again as the last time I saw them was in April when I went to a networking event organised by Creative England. The purpose of my visit was to have a meeting with one of my media contacts, as I have been corresponding with him for the past couple of months and as he put it he ‘wanted to put my name to a face’. Although I had met him back in 2011 when I attended a workshop day organised by First Light. So we went into one of the studio viewing rooms and was asked why Pinewood, what my career aspirations were and to hear a bit about Pinewood its History and there processes of hiring people. I learned from what was said that because a lot of projects work would be in soon that I would be kept in mind for ad hoc opportunities and potentially future runner vacancies once those already acting as runners had progressed with there career paths. Hopefully when the UK gets some more sunshine and more productions come in I will hear something to the effect of ‘We need you’. Although you may say Pinewood is a long way to go, it is definitely worth it, believe me.

Next on the agenda is meeting my friend Tindy and working on a film project with her and then working on one about a friend of mine who trekked for charity. I may not win and awards but the ideas interest me, and I love a challenge. Happy Reading.

lovin’ the capital

24 May

I would have posted this yesterday, but as I had been up since 4am I did not have the energy to do so. Decided to spend the day in London as I have a free day and read that there was a Michael Caine exhibition on at the Museum of London. Weird thing was when I got off at Barbican it started to hail, thankfully it stopped and it was cool getting into museum as it involved going up a escalator in another building and waling across a funky bridge. Went round the Caine exhibition and it was really cool seeing one of a kind pictures, footage from memorable films and interesting facts about his life. Decided to wander round the rest of the museum and saw the very first apple computer, mobile phone and ‘Bill and Ben’ and ‘Andy Pandy’. It also dawned on me that the last time I was down in the capital I never got the chance to go to the Churchill War Rooms so I thought, ‘Let’s do it’. It made me smile when I realised that getting to there involved stopping at Temple (scene from Skyfall) and the poetic thing about this was police officers got on at this stop. Even more so when the exit I took to get onto Westminster was the one in the film too. Once it side it was get a ticket and phone and just walking round listening to all the info there was about Churchill, the war and looking in the gift shop. I was tempted to get a Navy Captain’s hat, but it was too big for my head and practically fell over my eyes. After walking round there, and going to Trafalgar Square I thought I lets call it a day that and because it started to rain.


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I think the next thing I will do is head to Leavesden Studio and go on the Harry Potter tour, when that will be I do not know hopefully when the weather gets better and possibly during the summer time. Who knows.

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