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Ready, set get Bond In Motion

4 Sep

Hey Mediadreamzers



It’s been awhile since I wrote a post, granted it isn’t media production related but it is media related. Have had a few days going round London seeing sights and shows, but the most fun and important was going to the London Film Museum, to see the ‘Bond in Motion’ exhibition. I had been meaning to go for ages and finally managed to find time to go and during a week where the temperature was in the 30’s, so my mission, which I accepted for Queen and Country in the spirit of British duty, and because I wanted to go. My driver’s licence was at the ready, just a shame that I couldn’t drive any of the cars, though if I was to pick one I would find it really difficult as they are all so cool and have there own signature mark from each featuring in their own film.

P1040987 P1040989 P1040990 P1040992 P1040997 P1050006 P1050008


There were two floors to the exhibition; upstairs there were sketches and some of the props from the films, and of course on the lower level all the cars and devices used/ featured in the film. There were also cabinet displays of a mixture of things in, clapper board, passports etc. Next to the cars were TV screens playing snippets from the films & info screens with ‘did you know’ facts, and it got a lot more interesting.

There was a photo booth where you could be 007; wearing a tuxedo top and bow tie standing in the background frame of a barrel of a gun making the Bond pose. In answer to any question here yes I had some fun and had a few shots taken, just for a laugh. At the end of the exhibition you could sit in the cafe before going to the gift shop and of course it would be rude not to leave without getting something, so of course I got what everyone usually gets when they say ‘been there, done that’; a t-shirt. Something else to add to my Bond collection. I suggest if you haven’t been go it is a brilliant exhibition to go to and if your passing through Borough market then go for it.

Have a few events coming up this month but the most important one is at the end of the month and it is at my second-home; Pinewood, so keep your eyes on my blog and you will see something in about three from today. Also I had fun taking a selfie shot on the London Tour bus.



Nunquam Deditionem

BAFTA Brilliance with Mr. Beckett

19 Jul

Hi Mediadreamz-ers

I hope like me you have been soaking up some of this hot weather (if you are based on the fair shores of Blighty, then I guess you have, if not hope its hot where you are).

Things are slowly coming together with upcoming media productions and projects that I am looking forward to being part of, but first I will share you my day regarding the above.

Normally my saturdays are pretty boring but today was a turnaround for me: I headed to a BAFTA event at Broadway Cinema, the last time I went to one was in October where I met the director of Warp Films. I made it after getting drenched and ended up meeting some familiar faces from previous events. It was a Q&A session with a guy called Ray Beckett, a sound mixer who has worked on over 40 films some of which we were shown clips of. The session was a case of the interviewer asking an array of questions that Ray answered and in between to demonstrate the points and address certain points. The floor was opened up to us to ask questions before heading to the bar for food, drinks and networking with everyone who attended. I also got a chance to meet and chat with Ray about films, sound and opportunities and his word of wisdom of learning new skills and playing on strengths, as well as sharing stories and tales from being in the industry. Hopefully, I have made another contact in the industry and will see what happens, one thing I am doing is learning engineering in radio with another radio station I am working with.

So its streaming sporting events, working on a feature and covering an event in Leicester and much more to come. Stay tuned as they say on the radio.

Never Surrender, Never Retreat.

In good company of Mr. Bloom

15 Aug

Hi Guys

News to share and lots of it. One thing I can certainly say is true in the world of media its not what you know but who you know, and here it is. A friend of mine who works at BBC MediaCity contacted over a week ago (was week Thurs 25th- Sun 29th July) about an opportunity with BBC Learning, as a runner with ‘Mr.Bloom and Friends Big Day Out Roadshow’. Although the event ran for three days, I did four with helping set up the site, and it was an awesome time.

My first day I met Zoe, the location manager and she made me feel like a member of the team. My responsibilities that day were helping decorate the site with bunting and there was lots of it. Later during the day I got to meet the rest of the BBC production crew; Moray, Yvonne,Morgan, Alex, Amy, Anna and whilst they got set up on site I was given the task of sourcing vegetables for the show tomorrow, getting crates of bananas for making smoothies, cups for pens and pencils and collecting the Bloom talent from the train station, and taking then to their hotel. Soon the day came to an end and it was a case of having an early night as I knew what would be in store for the next day.

At the site bright and early to meet another runner Adam and other members of the team, ready for the arrival and children and their parents. It was so cool that i and other volunteers got to wear BBC aprons Red for us, and Green for BBC staff. First day involved collecting the Bloom team and bringing them to the site (oh, almost forgot to mention I got the chance to learn how to drive a hire car, and it only took two minutes to learn on the Thursday afternoon). sourcing supplies and going shopping for lunches, helping out in the gazebos with some of the activities for the children and parents to participate in. In addition, I drove talent, crew and Bloom talent to the station when it was the last day. Each day always came to an end so fast, it always happens when you enjoy yourself.

During my time with the BBC crew, I was made to feel like a member of the team, even though it was for a short time. Each one of them always asked was I O.K and keep checking that everything was running smoothly. I admit that when the fourth and final day came to an end and it was time to take the crew to the station, I was sad but happy that they all got a chance to have a break from work, before heading to the next location. The days were made even better with the hot and humid weather (although on the final day it rained twice but was still a nice day all the same). I hope I get another chance to work with BBC, or with the crew I worked with as they were all great people to work with. So I say thank you Zoe, Yvonne, Moray, morgan, Sian, Anna, Alex, Amy, Kirsty, Vicky, Adam, Roy and other BBC Crew members thank you for letting me part of something great. I hope you come back to the Midlands next year, or in the foreseeable future.

On that note I will have more media news to share either tomorrow or in the next few days/ weeks. Until them Ciao.

This is your Captain speaking, please return to your seats and prepare yourselves for filming

4 Jul

Hi guys

The clue is in the title of the post what I have been doing.

I am having a blast working on ‘Brothers’, will be sad when it come to an end, though between that I heard that there was a film company looking for extras for a film on aviation safety looking for extras and production runners. I contacted them through their website and forwarded my CV and wanted to hire for me for the two days they were in my hometown. This was both unexpected and an enormous surprise for me. The film crew also asked me to spread the word for in and around my hometown to be extras, and what better way to do this then via Facebook and Twitter (you gotta love the internet). On my first day I met several members of the cast and crew and decided to get started by helping Jo set up tea, coffee and food table. In addition to this, I did a few tasks in the office and drove to set a couple of times, and the first time I did it was a great surprise seeing so many planes. It was so cool going on a plane, and after meeting Tristan, the Director,  I even got a chance to go into the cockpit and had fun seeing how to fly a plane. Soon it was time to wrap first day and it had gone in the blink of an eye.

The next day it was all hands on deck as there were lots of extras to look after. Once they were all on site, it was a case of them all going to the location for filming, and I followed as I was going to be on the plane as a passenger during filming which was really cool. During the breaks between filming I got the chance to have a chat with some of the other extras who had come from all over to be involved. Soon the day came to an end, like yesterday, so quickly and it was that time to wrap so the crew could move onto the next location for filming. Overall, I have enjoyed my two days working with ‘Fact Not Fiction Films’, and working with a great team Emily Production manager, Giuseppe 2nd AD, Sarah Assistant Producer, Christianne 1st AD, Nick DOP,  Emma, Leah, Kat the actresses and Location Manager, Jo who did an awesome job with catering, Pete, Sam, Tristan the Director who like everyone else (Camera crew and rest of the team) made me feel very welcomed on set and during the two days. I hope I get to work with the team again in the foreseeable future.

Whilst filming was happening for the two days, I got the chance to see lots of cars mainly BMW s racing round the aerodrome track, and I thought how cool it would be if I could do that one day. Or it could be an idea for someones birthday/ Christmas gift.

At least I am starting to fulfill my New Years Resolution; to get experience/ work in films as I have more in TV than film, so I have more areas of experience and come more symmetrical.

I hope I have more great news to share with you all. Hope you all enjoy my posts. I hope I get to work with the team again on future productions.

Carry on Pinewood

12 Jun

Hi guys

Now my feet aren’t throbbing anymore I can at last blog about my visit to Pinewood Studios. I make this my 4-5th time being there, it may get to the stage that I can drive there with my eyes shut (for all conscious drivers I would advise not do this). It was great surprising the security men I know down there again as the last time I saw them was in April when I went to a networking event organised by Creative England. The purpose of my visit was to have a meeting with one of my media contacts, as I have been corresponding with him for the past couple of months and as he put it he ‘wanted to put my name to a face’. Although I had met him back in 2011 when I attended a workshop day organised by First Light. So we went into one of the studio viewing rooms and was asked why Pinewood, what my career aspirations were and to hear a bit about Pinewood its History and there processes of hiring people. I learned from what was said that because a lot of projects work would be in soon that I would be kept in mind for ad hoc opportunities and potentially future runner vacancies once those already acting as runners had progressed with there career paths. Hopefully when the UK gets some more sunshine and more productions come in I will hear something to the effect of ‘We need you’. Although you may say Pinewood is a long way to go, it is definitely worth it, believe me.

Next on the agenda is meeting my friend Tindy and working on a film project with her and then working on one about a friend of mine who trekked for charity. I may not win and awards but the ideas interest me, and I love a challenge. Happy Reading.

Let’s get Creative, for England’s sake

8 Dec

Hi one and all

I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted, but I have news to share. I last wrote that I would be involved in a new opportunity and once everything had been sorted I would share, and now I can. This opportunity is with a company called Creative England, and for six weeks (minus Christmas week) I will be working with them as a intern. Initially, I was going to be posted to their offices at Pinewood Studios, but because of the distance/ travel, my placement was changed so I would be closer to home. Although I was sad to not being going back to Pinewood Studios, as I would have seen so many friends, I thought no worry, I still have the intern placement. So for two days a week I will be going back and forth, spending 6 hours a day helping update a TV and Film database for production companies all over the UK.

This weeks two days have gone by so fast, and I admit there are not enough hours in the day for what you need to do in the role. Although the work I have done at the moment is more admin and updating databases there are other activities I have been assigned to complete. The people I am working with are both friendly and very welcoming to me during my first week. So the next time I will be working with Creative England will be Monday where I will be traveling here, there and everywhere, which I am looking forward to. I just hope it doesn’t rain or snow on Monday.

Is there a doctor in the house?

30 Mar

No I am not sick if that is what you think from the title of my blog, though the focus of this is on my trip to Brimingham. After getting up at the crack of dawn, I took a long drive down the M1, M69 and M6 to head to where I need to be. I had been warned by others that the M6 is a road not to mess with, however I managed it ok, I guess its because I went so early and because it was a great morning. Even though it has been a while since I set foot in Birmingham, it made a change driving into the city, rather than catching a train in. The place is question I was heading to was Archibald House, where the BBC film the TV series ‘Doctors’. All of this came out of the blue yesterday when I received a phone call from one of the producers, who invited me to meet the team behind the series. It was a good thing as I mentioned before that I went earlier than the time I had arranged as I’d heard the motorway can be a nightmare. Despite my satnav constantly telling me to make a u-turn, I felt like I was literally going round the bend until I saw the street near to where I needed to be. I just pulled into one of the car parks and saw a police car with a BBC sign in it, and although I was over an hour early I decided to wait before playing the explorer. Luckily I saw someone who had just pulled up onto the site, and I asked him about where Archibald House was. He then asked me what it was in connection with and after mentioning that I was meant to be meeting one of the producers, the guy introduced himself as one of the dubbing mixers for the series ‘Doctors’, and showed me where I needed to go. So it really was a stroke of luck meeting someone who is part of the team.

I made my way to Archibald House and I was blown away by the beauty of the building, especially the wooden doors, it certainly reminded me of a gothic victorian house and the inside wow the inside was just as beautiful. After getting clearance from security, I was introduced to three really nice guys; Gareth, Hardey and Dan, who were the people who interviewed me. Surprisingly, I spent roughly 15-20mins with the guys, and the interview itself I feel went well, so I just have to wait until Easter has gone, and I can hopefully go back to Birmingham to do some work with Doctors, or any other programmes produced by BBC Birmingham.

So I can safely say that I can pass an interview as well as drive on the M1, M69 AND M6, though halfway heading back to the East Midlands my legs went to sleep and could have kissed the ground when I made it home mid-day because I could actually start walking round and getting the feeling back in them. Hopefully, something will happen after this latest holiday has passed, so in the meantime I will be doing loads of baking and bulking up my CV as much as I can.

The other good thing I need to mention is due to my work with vInspired, I received a certificate on Tuesday assessing my role throughout the night, what skills I had demonstrated and what others thought of me during the night. It played an important role when I went to Birmingham. After all of this I think I need to lay down. Keep checking and you will see more of what is going on.

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