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BAFTA, Broadway, Barry, Brilliant

30 Sep

Hey fellow mediadreamz readers

I have literally just got in from driving back from a networking night. This is something I saw a few weeks ago and bought my ticket for on Friday and what a brilliant night it was; a BAFTA Masterclass, with the class being delivered by a production manager that owns a company called Warp Films, his name you may ask is Barry. When I walked into the Broadway cinema screen 3, I was greeted by a friend from the past; Stephen Badham my supervisor when I was at Creative England, who was overseeing the event by Creative England.

The event was get and Barry provided a lot of useful info about how Warp was formed, who was involved in the beginning and the productions they first started making, see if these shake your memories: ‘Deadman’s Shoes’, ‘This is England’, ‘Kill List’ ‘Four Lions’. Just a few to see if you remember any of them, if not go and watch. I also learned how much a production manager really has to do, I knew the basics of what a P.M does but now I have a greater respect for Terry, Barry and everyone in the world who have this as their job title as there is so much work, pressure and red tape to get through.

It was then a Q & A session and I asked the question ‘what is your most memorable moment in the film industry? This lead to Barry revealing a friend and colleague nearly getting arrested and how they were moving a helicopter and it was flying over a guns n roses gig and people were having diffiuclty hearing the gig because of the chopper!

Afterwards it was networking, catching up with Stephen and talking to his colleague based at Pinewood. I mixed and mingled with other people there and got the opportunity to chat to Barry about work, past experiences and career aspirations. The event ended and it was an awesome night and I hope there will be more BAFTAs to come and I look forward to the Mayhem Festival that is always on at this time, like it was last year.

I hope my meeting and passing out business cards leads to potentially more work. I only wish I had a crystal ball so as to look into the future.

New Year, many things to come

8 Jan

Hi guys

I see we all survived the end of the world (though I wondered if the world was going to end surely everything would be free, you wouldn’t have to pay for anything). Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas, and New Year. I have a few things planned for this month which I looking forward to. Have resumed my placement with Creative England, have another networking event to go to at the end of the month and helping out as a runner/ steward for a daytime TV programme in my hometown. Those are just a few things, as well as resuming my short film projects; radio volunteering and one about a friend of mine who did a trek round Nepal for 11 days who I will be interviewing about his expereince (plus for a personal record for himself and possibly MacMillan cancer research).

Hopefully, more opportunities will arise for me to apply for and when they do I will share with you all, and will hopefully get me closer to climbing the greasy poll of the working work of media.

Stay tuned

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