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My Week at New job

10 Apr

Well half a week if I am going to be picky.

Hey Mediadreamzers

Thank you to the people who have started following me, I hope what I have written and with upcoming posts interest you. I now have a chance to sit and share with you what my first week has gone.

It was great starting after Easter (I hope everyone had a fab Easter break, I know I did especially not working Good Friday or the Monday). I got to the office and met Rory and after another tour and getting ID and paperwork sorted it was off to the VT Library where work and my training began. Rory showed me the main jobs that need to be done each day; morning archiving sports footage and adding metadata to various clips, sourcing footage and getting to grips with the software and other really cool features that are part and parcel of the job. The first day ended so far I left like I had been in the building for 10mins, I guess that feels like that when your enjoying yourself.

The majority of my work is archiving, sourcing footage, responding to emails, ordering supplies etc. I’m hoping that everything I am trying learning goes in and stays there, I have objectives to complete. I also got to chat to my production manager/ mentor, Richard, about other factors and jobs I will be doing too.

I have also decided that I am going to look into the courses and qualifications available, and that interest me. Add a few more strings to my bow and open many doors.

One thing I am looking forward to is not having to work part time anymore and doing something that I really enjoy and love. Roll on next week for more learning, work, media oh did I say work.

Nunquam deditioneum

All ‘Adrift in Soho’

21 Nov

Hi Mediadreamzers

I can now sit and share with you what I have been up to for the past three weeks, which involved traveling back and forth a lot. Why you may ask, and the answer is from working on a film not as a runner but as a 3rd Camera Assistant. It felt strange not being a runner as that is what my role has been on most shoots so it was nice to be working on a film with more responsibilities. The film ‘Adrift in Soho’ is a novel by Colin Wilson and the plot focuses on Five individuals from different backgrounds are brought together by chance to take one last look at a world that is about to collapse in front of their eyes.

During my first week it was a case of getting to know the crew and familiarising myself with the equipment, how to fill in camera reports for each days collected shots. Most of the filming ended late at night but I never noticed how fast time went until I looked at my watch.

The second week was something an interesting week; I was crew and I was asked at one point about an extra when we were filming in a bar for nearly 12 hours, so I was taken away by the costume department and dressed in 1950s clothes and was given a beret and a drink of flat ‘alcohol’. It felt strange that when I was not needed on set I was working and I sort of felt like I was out of my comfort zone, but was great fun.

The third and final week was pretty much the same thing going to a lot more locations and filming everything within a 12-13 hour days. Granted it was exhausting and I ended getting back to my accommodation near to 10-11pm it was so worth it. I did notice when I was helping out each day I was greeted by hugs and kisses from the camera team, the sparks and from the director too. I was just said when everything ended each week so quickly, I just hope that I get to work with everyone again the future. I am looking forward to the next film I am working on in Derby. I have also found a way of adding film credits to media productions I have worked on onto my IMDB page and it worked.

I think before I do anything else will be to catch up on some sleep before I start my next project.

Nunquam Deditioneum

New Year, New Resolution

3 Jan

Hi one and all

First let me begin by saying that I hope you had a great Christmas, and that 2012 is going to be a happy one for you all. As most people traditionally do on New Year’s Eve is make a New year resolution to do the usual; lose weight, not to swear so much, work harder, go bungee- jumping (if you have a adventurous streak) and many others to go by.

Mine however, is to start making my own independent short films, nothing too Hollywood but to just pick up a camera and go out there and film what I want (within reason). I have two project ideas in mind I hope that I have planned and will soon be working on, though I was hoping to do so today but because the weather is really bad, I have decided to go with my back-up plan until things settle down.

Once they are finished obviously they will go onto a disc and be ready to show others who are interested in what I have been working on since the New Year kicked in.

I just hope that my ideas work and that they are not foolish, but its a case of taking a leap of faith and just going for it, so lets see what chapters I can write, or film this being the case, for 2012.

My day at Pinewood Studios

29 Nov

I’ve been up since 4.30am, and I’m still buzzing. You may ask why did I get up at stuid o’clock and the answer this of course in the title of the post. I have spent the entire down in Buckinghamshire, attending at workshop and tour of the infamous Pinewood Studios. When I first set off I got caught in the rain, and thought it was going to be one of those days, however, it didn’t rain all day. Managed to find Pinewood Studios, though I was worried as to get there its a case of going past lots of houses before turning a corner and it being in front of you, so spontaneously. Although I was given directions for parking, I’m going to be honest and say it was a nightmare parking on site, after spending twenty minutes trying to find somewhere to go it was a case of parking off site, with the Pinewood logo pass displayed in the car.

Surprisingly, I was able to find the Boardroom, which was where the First Light workshop was being held, and the whole building itself was and is very grand. After having an ice-breaker exercise and being introduced to everyone else, the event began. Yen, who was the project overseers for the day from First Light gave us a really useful and interesting breakdown of the day and a lot of information that is the equivalent to a tree stump, so I have a lot of material to read and make notes from.

Later we had numerous guest speakers, one of which was Kimberley Richards, a HR officer at Pinewood Studios, who gave us a lot of tips and advice over questions asked in an interview as well as how to sell yourself during an interview. Once Kim’s talk had finished we were given the honour of having a tour of the site, and there were a lot of things I did not know that Pinewood Studios did or what facilities it offered people. We went passed lots of studios that were putting sets together, shooting scenes and seeing people heading off to hair and make-up. Following the tour we were introduced to Liana Stewart from Step2TV, and the one main thing I remember Liana stressing was using networking events and encounters to your advantage, which I am certainly doing with my blog and other means at my disposal.

Folowing Liana we had Simon Honey, Group Head of TV Ops speak to us about how he got into the TV and Film industry, and Dominique Oliver, Managing Director at Resources Development. One thing that surprised me about Dominique was her telling us that she started working in TV when she was 13. I only wish my school would have been understanding with things I wanted to do when I was younger, oh well, things may change for others.

To wrap the day up some of us were selected by Kim, to have our CV’s and Cover Letter’s looked over, where we all got feedback and I was taken aback by Kim saying that my Cover Letter was impressive, and that I only have to make some minor changes to my CV’s layout on the first page. So I have answers to questions I had come armed with, and I also have a long list of tasks and goals to complete as soon as I can.

One crucial factor that I heard a lot about and that I am hell-bent on doing is lots and lots of volunteering and work experience in both filming, and editing as I am very weak in that skilled department, but I have a clear and concise method now. One thing that struck me was how quickly the day went, and it was a very long and exhausting journey back up to the East Midlands. I must say it was really nice of Pinewood Studios to give us a goodie bag to take away, that has got a hat and keyring in it. I am so keeping these for life, and as you can see the pics to prove this. I will have more to share soon, so for know I’m going to sleep, because I am so tired, talk to everyone soon.

Derby Braves ROCK!

30 Sep

Last night gave me a chance to go back to my uni, as I have been accepted on a filming and editing opportunity with the Derby Braves. I know I mentioned this in the previous post, but I can now say that this role began yesterday. I was invited to the first training sessions. After getting through all the traffic of people getting home I made it, where I met Matt, the guy who posted the role on the v-inspired website. Basically Matt gave me a breakdown of what they were after, when they’d be training and playing their matches and everything else to do with American football.

Though I felt like an idiot; I have a flip and didn’t think to bring it, thankfully one of the coaches had a camcorder, so I started filming drills and other training activities, which was awesome. Along with filming I’m also gonna being editing this, so I’ll being getting key experience there and it will be something else to go on the CV that BBC North can see.

So I head back to Derby uni next Thursday, armed with my flip and photo camera to get more footage and anything else the coaches want capturing. So lets see what happens

How long is a piece of string?

16 Aug

Well, I don’t really know, just thought I’d pose the question, as I am waiting and waiting for people to get back to me on opportunities. One of these opportunities is work shadowing with my local BBC team, by doing some editing work. Another is university film projects over the summer, and possibly when the academic year starts. I’m guessing the rioting has put a few things on hold, especially with the film companies that I have contacted about upcoming projects. I will also be getting in touch again with BBC North now that three weeks have nearly passed by. Lets see what happens when I set the ball in motion with a phone call or an e-mail, whichever takes my fancy.

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