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Waiting games are annoying

12 Apr

As the above suggests in this day and age waiting for a response to a job application is both worrying and frustrating. This is how I feel at the moment with an application I submitted to the BBC. Day after day, I dreaded checking my e-mails and reading another rejection. After wrestling with whether or not to ring HR to get an answer, I eventually called them and was told that for the type of job I’d applied for ‘involves a lenghtly process’, and I will hear something in the next 6-8 weeks! Yes, this sounds like a long time to wait, but I am happier now that I know whats going on. Fingers crossed the e-mail I get from them won’t be a rejection.

My goal

9 Apr

I’m 23, a graduate and in the same boat as 1/2 of the British population in wanting to get that dream job. My career aspirations is to work in Media (clue being in the web address), as a Runner and then work my way up the ladder. So if you are interested in how I get there, then follow my journey of what all the activities, jobs I find and apply for and all other crazy stressful things that happen to hopefully get me where I want to be. Stay connected.

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