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Let’s get Creative, for England’s sake

8 Dec

Hi one and all

I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted, but I have news to share. I last wrote that I would be involved in a new opportunity and once everything had been sorted I would share, and now I can. This opportunity is with a company called Creative England, and for six weeks (minus Christmas week) I will be working with them as a intern. Initially, I was going to be posted to their offices at Pinewood Studios, but because of the distance/ travel, my placement was changed so I would be closer to home. Although I was sad to not being going back to Pinewood Studios, as I would have seen so many friends, I thought no worry, I still have the intern placement. So for two days a week I will be going back and forth, spending 6 hours a day helping update a TV and Film database for production companies all over the UK.

This weeks two days have gone by so fast, and I admit there are not enough hours in the day for what you need to do in the role. Although the work I have done at the moment is more admin and updating databases there are other activities I have been assigned to complete. The people I am working with are both friendly and very welcoming to me during my first week. So the next time I will be working with Creative England will be Monday where I will be traveling here, there and everywhere, which I am looking forward to. I just hope it doesn’t rain or snow on Monday.

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