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New Year, many things to come

8 Jan

Hi guys

I see we all survived the end of the world (though I wondered if the world was going to end surely everything would be free, you wouldn’t have to pay for anything). Hope everyone has enjoyed their Christmas, and New Year. I have a few things planned for this month which I looking forward to. Have resumed my placement with Creative England, have another networking event to go to at the end of the month and helping out as a runner/ steward for a daytime TV programme in my hometown. Those are just a few things, as well as resuming my short film projects; radio volunteering and one about a friend of mine who did a trek round Nepal for 11 days who I will be interviewing about his expereince (plus for a personal record for himself and possibly MacMillan cancer research).

Hopefully, more opportunities will arise for me to apply for and when they do I will share with you all, and will hopefully get me closer to climbing the greasy poll of the working work of media.

Stay tuned

Fantastic Miss Radio Fox

1 Nov

I know I’m playing with the film title of Mr. Fox, but on this occassion it has to be said, as Liz and I have a newbie who started at Radio Fox on Sunday, and I have to admit that was a surprise for both us as we didn’t know about this. It felt good going back after about a week of being away and seeing all the new music we’ve got, I only hope we get LMFAO’s new track ‘I’m Sexy & I Know It’. If you haven’t heard it yet, go onto Youtube and listen. So instead of there jsut being me and Liz on the mic Hannah our newbie joined in, I also showed her how the system works for finding music and the enormous selection of vinyls and cds.

Because it was the Sunday before Halloween we decided to add in a few Halloween songs, both oldies and ones with a somewhat relation to. Whilst at Radio Fox I surprised Liz with a birthday cake and a toffee apple crumble as we both share the same birthday 1st November. So while on air cake was eaten and topics were discussed., and the two hours went by so fast. Though next week I won’t be radioing as I am filming an American football game in Staffordshire, which I really bumped up about, I just hope I don’t mess up and I get it right. Either way I’ll let you know

13 May

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